• Assessment is used to provide data and gather evidence of student learning.

    Assessment is used to provide data and gather evidence of student learning and to use that evidence to inform instructional decisions in ways that will maximize individual student learning.   Assessment has two unique purposes, Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning.  

    Assessment for Learning is also known as formative assessment. Assessment for learning  informs the teacher, parent and student about what the student has learned, what the student needs to learn, and possibilities for how the student can learn that information. This type of assessment is used to guide and plan learning experiences as it provides specific details regarding what the child has learned and what are the next items to be accomplished.  The purpose of assessment for learning includes reporting and sharing progress with students and parents; program accountability; improvement of curriculum and instructional delivery of programs and for individual students; and setting learning goals for and/or with individual students.  

    Some tools used in CCSD93 for Assessment for learning are:

    NWEA (NorthWest Evaluation Association - Fall and Winter)

    District Writing Assessments (Fall and Winter)

    Education for the Future Survey and Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System (BIMAS)

    Teachers also make use of classroom based assessments to gather evidence of day-to-day student learning.  

    Some classroom based assessments may include:

    Reading running records (student reads to teacher, teacher records student errors and/or decoding skills and checks comprehension)

    Exit slips (a slip that student fills out at the end of a lesson to demonstrate understanding of concepts taught and guides teacher to plan for the next lesson)

    Observations (students may be working in small groups, the teacher chooses one group or student to specifically observe looking for evidence of understanding of a particular skill or concept)

    Quick-check quiz (at the end of a lesson teacher administers a quiz that determines student understanding and helps to guide planning for the next day)

    Assessment of Learning is also known as summative assessment.  Assessment of learning provides the big picture and informs the Stakeholders of the learning and progress of the student population.  The purpose of assessment of learning includes reporting, sharing progress with parents, students and community; program accountability and comparisons of performance; improvement of curriculum and instructional delivery of programs; and reporting to federal and state agencies.  

    Some tools used in CCSD93 for Assessment of Learning include:

    ACCESS for ELLs (Accessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State for English Language Learners)

    ISAT (Illinois State Achievement Testing)

    IAA (Illinois Alternative Assessment)

    District Writing Assessment (Spring)

    NWEA (Spring)

    Locomotor Motor Assessments

    Fitness Assessments

    Music Assessments

    Science Assessments

    Social Science Assessments

    Visual Arts Assessments