• The State of Illinois adopted the Common Core Standards on June 24, 2010 and has set the 2013-2014 school year for implementation.  CCSD 93 is working to incorporate the Common Core Standards as well as other content area standards that Illinois adopts.

    The Common Core Standards include Math and English Language Arts (ELA).  Math is broken into two standards areas:  Mathematical Practice and Mathematical Content.  The Practice Standards describe ways that students should use and engage with Math while the Content Standards focus on procedure and understanding.  

    The ELA standards focus on writing, language use, speaking, listening and reading a variety of texts, including non-fiction text.  While fiction is still taught and encouraged in ELA classes, the Common Core Standards have teachers incorporate more non-fiction text.  This helps prepare students for reading in their future grade levels and careers.

    ELA standards have also been written for Social Science, Science and Technical Subjects.  For these content areas, the standards focus on reading, writing, language use, speaking and listening skills, as each relates to the specific content area.  For example, Science teachers will include reading of scientific non-fiction texts, such as science articles and Social Science teachers will include primary and secondary sources as they conduct research with their students.

    More specific to each content area are the content standards.  Illinois has been involved in the development of the Next Generation Science Standards, to be met along side the Common Core Standards. The Next Generation Science Standards were created in conjunction with the Common Core Standards. Illinois plans to adopt these standards in the near future and will set a timeline for district implementation. CCSD 93 is reviewing these standards in preparation for the implementation process. 

    The Core Arts Standards are focused on the Fine Arts (theatre, dance, media arts, music, and visual arts).  These standards are currently in revision.  Once adopted by Illinois, CCSD 93 will work to incorporate these into our curriculum.

    Links and Resources

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