• Middle School Student Portal


    Here is a copy of the letter that you received with your login information:

    Jay Stream Middle School

    283 El Paso Lane

    Carol Stream, IL 60188

    Phone: 630-588-5200 


    Dear Middle School Students,


    We are excited to announce that you can now view your standards grades and attendance on the internet in PowerSchool.


    To access this information you will need to follow these steps:


    1. Open the internet browser on your computer

    2. Type this into the address bar:  https://ccsd93.powerschool.com/public

    3. Enter the Access ID and Access password listed below into the boxes.

    4. Remember to log off when you are finished.


    ACCESS ID is: 123123ABC



    Please keep your password safe. Do not share your login information with anyone except your parents. If you think someone has obtained your password and is logging into your account, contact your office secretary and ask them to change your password.


    After you have logged in, the Grades and Attendance tab will show your schedule, practice assignments and allow you to check your attendance. To email your teacher, please click the blue teacher's name link.


    The Standards Grades tab will show your standards scores. Click on the blue number to see the assignments linked to the standard. Click on the blue circle to view the teacher comment.


    If you have any questions regarding your scores, please talk to your teacher.


    Student Login to Portal – What am I seeing?

    When you first log in you will see your attendance and schedule and you will see two tabs at the top.

    Click on the hyphen (--) to the right of the subject to go to the score page and view practice assignments.

    Click on a hyperlinked assignment title to view an assignment description. This is viewed in a pop up box.

    1. Click on the assignment title to view comments/information about the assignment.
    2. Code legend – collected, late or missing
    3. Click on blue hyphen - to view assignment comments made by the teacher. This is a pop up box. Assignments
      with practice scores (1P, 2P, etc.) will have a 0 in the codes column, above the comment hyphen.
    4. Note: assignments with standards linked will not show scores on this page. Click on ‘Standards grades tab’ to view standards grades.

    Click on the tab 'Standards Grades' and you will view your standards scores.


     If you click on the score number, you can then view the assignments that are linked to that standard and comments, if any.