CCSD93's 2018-23 Strategic Plan!

  • Below is an overview of CCSD93's 2018-23 Strategic Plan!

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    Beginning in November 2017, CCSD93 worked with our community to create a new Five-Year Strategic Plan, built to set the district's vision, goals, and focus from 2018 until 2023. It was approved at the June 14, 2018 Board of Education meeting! It will help CCSD93 provide the best education possible for our community's students. Here is a look at what went into the plan, what it's all about, and how it will help our students be prepared for the future!


    Strategic Planning Process


    External Scan

    book Parents and staff members from every CCSD93 school and the district office examined educational trends and what the career environment may look like for our youngest learners. They analyzed district strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and threats.

    Community, Parent & Staff Input

    CCSD93 surveyed more than 1700 community members, parents, and staff members through telephonic and online research polls to understand their thoughts on what the district's priorities should be moving forward, what skills students will require as they progress to high school, college and careers, and the greatest challenges facing the district. Focus groups were held, and participant reactions to various drafts of the new Strategic Plan helped CCSD93 to fine-tune the plan.


    District Leadership Team (DLT) Feedback 


    Members of CCSD93's DLT, made up of staff members, parents, and administrators from each CCSD93 school and the district office, worked with a strategic planning expert throughout the year to perform the external scan and examine the community, parent and staff input to develop drafts of the Strategic Plan. They gave feedback on each draft, resulting in the final 2018-23 Strategic Plan.

    School Board Approval

    CCSD93's School Board approved the 2018-23 Strategic Plan at the June 14, 2018 Board of Education meeting. District administrators and staff members will implement the plan for the next five years! BofE



    Revised Mission & New Vision

    The strategic planning process resulted in a revised mission statement and a new vision statement for CCSD93.

    Shortened Mission Statement

    A mission statement describes the essential purpose of an organization. Formerly, CCSD93's mission was to strive to maximize the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student by utilizing world-class educational practices, in partnership with parents, staff, and community. While every piece of that mission was important, we have recognized that in striving for the first half of that mission, we will inherently meet its second half.

    Our revised, abbreviated mission lets our community know what our purpose is in more straightforward terms:
    CCSD93's mission is to maximize the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student.

    Updated Vision Statement

    A vision statement describes what an organization wishes to accomplish. Throughout the strategic planning process, CCSD93's DLT worked to develop a statement explaining where we want our students to be when we follow the strategies put forth in the Strategic Plan.

    After several iterations and revisions, our vision statement is as follows:
    CCSD93 inspires students to build the future. Our students will have the skills to be entrepreneurs, global collaborators, and creators; be prepared for anything their future has to offer; and be ready to help the world achieve its potential.


    New Strategic Goals

    We've developed four Strategic Goals, which will help us meet our mission and achieve the vision we have for our students. Within each goal, we've developed a variety of key strategies, desired outcomes for those strategies, and ways of measuring their success. Here's a brief overview of our Strategic Goals. While many of their elements are already embedded into CCSD93's operations, these Strategic Goals will be further rooted into the foundation of CCSD93's actions.

    Strategic Goal 1: A Relevant Education for All Students


    As the world continues to change rapidly, educators and workforce experts alike agree that our children need improved 21st century skills to be adequately prepared for college and work, and to successfully participate in the global economy. CCSD93 will focus on these skills, including critical thinking and problem solving, adaptability, effective oral and written communication, social and emotional intelligence, initiative, judgement and decision making, and more.

    In addition to the core subject areas, extra focus will be given to computer science and computational thinking as career opportunities involving the design of, and interaction with, artificial intelligence will grow exponentially. Students will apply design thinking by being given problems to solve that spark their curiosity, allow them to create, test and re-create until they eventually share what they made with a real audience. Student instruction will be delivered by our educators who will use the Visible Learning framework to help guide their role in learning in order to be effective evaluators, change agents, learning experts, and seekers of feedback who are constantly engaged with dialogue and challenge.

    Strategic Goal 2: Engaged & Connected Employees


    In order to provide our students with a relevant education, CCSD93 will recruit, develop, and retain a high quality and diverse workforce. We'll continue to provide high quality professional development to our staff members, and focus on connecting them even further with CCSD93's mission and vision as well as with students' families.

    Strategic Goal 3: Operational Excellence


    CCSD93 will align its resources to this Strategic Plan, budgeting effectively and appropriately. We will also put systems in place that will help to accelerate innovation so that our staff will always be able to successfully provide our students with an innovative and relevant education.

    Strategic Goal 4: Optimal Learning Environments


    CCSD93 will develop a long-range facilities plan to continue to ensure student safety and security, 21st century learning environments, student achievement, and energy efficiency. We'll maintain high expectations for CCSD93's facilities and technology so that our students always have the necessary learning spaces, tools, and curriculum to receive an innovative and relevant education. 


    We couldn't be more excited about our Strategic Plan! It'll guide us in creating the best possible educational atmosphere and learning opportunities for our students.  For a full copy of the Plan, view this document.