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    Board of Education Mission Statement
    The Community Consolidated School District 93 Board of Education is dedicated to supporting the District's mission by setting goals, developing policy, monitoring progress, and evaluating performance with a focus on the achievement and best interests of all stakeholders.

    The Role of Board of Education Members

    The District is governed by a Board of Education consisting of seven (7) members elected to serve terms of four years. Illinois school board elections are generally held in April of odd-numbered years.  Staggered terms of members are structured so that three or four seats are open at each election.  The Board's powers and duties include the broad authority to adopt and enforce all necessary policies for the management and government of the public schools. 

    Members of the Board of Education serve without compensation.  Actual and necessary travel and other expenses incurred by Board members while on approved district business will be reimbursed according to Board Policy.

    Members of the Board of Education should endeavor to attend all meetings, discuss items presented on the agenda, suggest other items for consideration, and vote upon motions presented.  Board members shall be non-partisan in dealing with school matters, and shall place the education of children above any partisan principal, group interest, or personal ambition.

    Attendance and participation in local, state and national meetings designed to acquaint Board members with issues in public education, with new or proposed legislation, with policy development and administration of a school system, and with efficient Board operation shall be encouraged.

    Board members also shall be encouraged to read current journals and other pertinent educational materials.

    Official action by Board members must occur at a duly called and legally conducted meeting.  A "Meeting" is defined as any gathering of the majority of a quorum of the Board or a majority of a quorum of any committee of the Board for the purpose of discussing school district business.

    Board members, as individuals, have no authority over school affairs, except as provided by law or as authorized by the Board. 

    A primary function of the Board of Education in District 93 is to provide educational programs for each student, giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest capacity in the areas of mental, physical, and emotional needs.


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  • Board Member Profiles

    Keith Briggs - Board President 


     Keith Briggs has been a Board Member since 2010 and has lived in Carol Stream for 28 years. He and his wife, Lisa, have two children attending District 93 schools.

    As a Board Member, Mr. Briggs has served on the District 93 Facilities Committee. He currently serves on the Finance Committee, Negotiation Committee, and attends Carol Stream Intergovernmental meetings.

    Sean McQuade - Board Vice President


    Sean McQuade has been a Board Member since 2011. He has lived within the District boundaries for 14 years and has two children currently attending District 93 schools.

    Mr. McQuade has served on the District 93 Bullying Task Force and Negotiation Committee. He currently serves on the Finance Committee and attends Legislative Education Network of DuPage (LEND) meetings.

    Sonal Amin - Board Member


    Sonal Amin joined the Board in August 2013. Mrs. Amin and her husband, Vipul, have lived within the District’s boundaries for 12 years. They have three children, one of whom currently attends school in District 93.

    Mrs. Amin has served as a volunteer at District 93 schools, has regularly chaired PTA committees, and has been a Building Leadership Team representative at Stratford Middle School. She has served on the Facilities and Boundaries Committees, and Mrs. Amin currently serves on the District Learning Team and Expect Respect Task Force.

    Clay Elmore - Board Member

    Clay Elmore joined the Board in May 2015. Mr. Elmore has lived in Bloomingdale since 2005 with his wife, Rebecca. They have two children, both of whom attend CCSD93 schools.

    He serves on CCSD93's District Learning Team and attends Bloomingdale Intergovernmental meetings.

    Scott Stone - Board Member


    Scott Stone has been a Board Member since May 2013. He and his wife, Janice, have lived in Carol Stream for nearly 15 years. They have two children, one of whom currently attends school in District 93.

    Mr. Stone has served on CCSD93’s District Learning Team, Facilities Committee, Boundaries Committee, and currently serves on the Finance Committee. He also serves on the Special Education Parent Advisory Group.

    Terry Svoboda - Board Member

    Terry Svoboda joined the Board in June 2015.

    He and his wife Atiya live in Carol Stream. They have two children who attend District 93 schools.