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Info from CCSD93 on White Schedule - 1/8/19

January 8, 2019

Dear CCSD93 Community,

The following is being sent to inform you of a precaution taken by one of our schools this afternoon as a result of a nearby event within our community. All students and staff members are completely safe, and this message is not intended to alarm you.

This afternoon at 12:07 p.m., Western Trails School was informed by the Carol Stream Police Department that a wanted subject was within the vicinity of the school.

Though the subject was several blocks away from the school, as a precaution, Western Trails School immediately initiated a White Schedule. In a White Schedule, students who are outdoors are brought into the buildings, and no additional individuals are allowed into or out of the school buildings for the duration of the White Schedule. Students have access to all facilities throughout the inside of the building and learning continues as normal.

Within five minutes of initially notifying Western Trails School, the Carol Stream Police Department informed CCSD93 that this situation was no longer a potential threat. We were advised that it was safe to resume a normal schedule, and there was no need to implement White Schedules at additional nearby schools.

Once again, no students or staff members were harmed, and the White Schedule was called only as a precaution to ensure that our students and staff members remained safe.

The safety of our students and staff members is our highest priority. We work in close partnership with the Carol Stream, Bloomingdale, and Hanover Park police and fire departments to develop and review emergency plans to ensure the greatest level of safety at our schools. We greatly value our partnerships with these departments.

Students and staff members at Western Trails responded appropriately to the White Schedule by following directions, and I thank them for their cooperation. I share this information to keep you accurately informed of this situation. I know an incident like this can bring forth questions from students, so it is important that you are aware of the situation if your child discusses it with you.

Please contact me at or 630-539-3001 if you have questions or concerns regarding this matter.


William R. Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Community Consolidated School District 93

Info from CCSD93 on White Schedule - 1/8/19