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An Important Letter for CCSD93 Parents from the Superintendent 2/26/18

February 26, 2018 

Dear CCSD93 Parent,

Today, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students went back to class for the first time since the horrific tragedy that occurred there nearly two weeks ago. Our thoughts and prayers are with their entire school community. I need to take this opportunity to connect with you as parents and ask you to speak with your children and reiterate what we have told our students about the following two equally important safety measures. Please share with your children not only the necessity to report anything that they believe to be a threat to the safety of students, but also the importance of not making intentional false safety threats.

The safety of all of those within our buildings will always be our utmost priority. As I shared with you in Enews on February 16, we are constantly reviewing and improving our safety plans and protocols, we are reshaping our buildings to make them even more safe, and we work collaboratively with the finest law enforcement officials I’ve ever worked with in my more than 40 years as an educator across a number of communities.  We will always take the potential presence of a threat to our community immensely seriously, regardless of the specific circumstances.

Please review with your child:

  • Threats to the safety of any person or persons are dangerous and are not jokes.  The presence of such threats will always be taken seriously, whether they are spoken, shared on social media, made through graffiti, or conveyed in any other type of way. Students who make threats of any kind will face serious school consequences and possible criminal charges.
  • A student should inform an adult, either in person or through our SafeSchools Alert safety tip reporting system, if he or she becomes aware of any type of threat or unsafe circumstance. More information on SafeSchools Alert can be found at    
  • A student should seek help immediately from an adult, or call 9-1-1, if he or she senses any type of dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, following the events in Florida, we’ve been notified of and investigated several reports of safety threats that turned out to have been intentionally false claims. Just as children should not make threats of any kind and should report any that they hear, it is equally important that you make clear to your children that:

  • Making false claims about another person making a threat will also result in serious school consequences and possible criminal charges.
  • Spreading rumors about unsafe circumstances is dangerous to all involved and should not occur. Again, if a student hears of a potentially dangerous situation, he or she should immediately report it to an adult or to SafeSchools Alert, not share it with a peer.

The members of the CCSD93 Board of Education have all had children go through our school system, my two children were born while I was a principal in CCSD93, and the majority of our staff members are also parents themselves. I know I speak for the entire district when I say that we treat the safety and welfare of your children just as we do our own. Only when our students, staff members, and parents work together to be dedicated, observant, and truthful in our quest for safety are we able to create the most secure and productive learning environment possible.

Please feel free to contact me at 630-539-3000 or should you have further questions. 


William R. Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


Important Safety Info for CCSD93 Parents