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An Important Note to Families of CCSD93 ECC Students - 8/23/19

August 23, 2019

Dear CCSD93 Early Childhood Center Parents,

The following is being sent to keep you informed and is not intended to alarm you. 

This morning at approximately 10:45 a.m., a staff member noticed a person who she did not recognize standing near the northwest corner of the ECC’s property. The individual appeared to be a Caucasian male in his late 20s or early 30s with dark hair and sunglasses who was speaking on a cell phone.

Our office was immediately notified, and we attempted to speak with the individual to ascertain his purpose for being in that location. He would not engage with our attempts at conversation, so we called the Bloomingdale Police Department for assistance. Within minutes, the Police Department arrived at the ECC, but by that time, the individual had left the area. We also connected with the nearby business whose property the individual was in the area of, and their management was also unfamiliar with him.

The individual never approached any students or staff member and at no point were any children or adults in danger.

As an added precaution, the Bloomingdale Police Department maintained a strong police presence in the area during morning student dismissal and afternoon arrival, and they will continue to patrol the area.  

Again, this information is being sent to keep you informed and so that you understand the reason for the increased police presence that you may have observed. Student safety is always our highest priority. Please know that our school procedures are designed to keep children as safe as possible. They ensure that students are always under very close adult supervision at all times while in our care, both inside and outside of the building, and that multiple additional levels of security are in place before visitors are granted access to our building.

If you have any information about this situation, please contact the Bloomingdale Police Department immediately.

Please contact me at or 630-307-3750 if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this information. Thank you.


Rosary Horne
CCSD93 Early Childhood Center