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8/27/18 - Elsie Johnson Water Update for Parents

August 27, 2018

Dear Elsie Johnson School Parents,

I share the following with you to keep you informed of a situation involving Elsie Johnson School. It is not intended to alarm you.

Just before the start of school today, the Village of Hanover Park informed Elsie Johnson School administrators that a water main break occurred yesterday that may affect our water supply. We were told that the school, along with 15 nearby homes, is on a boil order for drinking water. As a result of the boil order, Elsie Johnson School has implemented the following measures.

  • We immediately turned off the water supply to the school drinking fountains and informed students that they would not be running.
  • We are providing students with bottled water as needed.
  • Students are being kept inside during recess.
  • While the restroom water supplies are still running and the restrooms are functional, we have informed students not to drink any of the school’s running water, including from our sinks.

We are told by the Village that they are in the process of repairing the water main break, and that after it is repaired, they will perform water tests to ensure it is once again safe to drink. Until we are informed that the water main break has been repaired and the safety tests have been completed, the above measures will stay in place. Once the safety tests have been completed, we will flush the school’s water system as an added measure to ensure the water is as safe as possible.

Student safety is our highest priority, and I want to be sure that you fully understand this circumstance and the measures we have taken to continue to ensure student safety. Please contact me at or 630-671-8800 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.


Rosanne Sikich
Elsie Johnson School

8/27/18 - Elsie Johnson Water Update for Parents