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Parent Newsletter - November 4, 2019


Heritage Lakes

Parent Newsletter

November 4, 2019

Dear Heritage Lakes Families,
In the month of November, we are having a very special celebration of PICTURE BOOK MONTH. Your students will have a Bingo card they can fill out as they read, watch, or listen to the books on the card. A limited number of copies of the books are available for checkout in the Innovation Center, and the books are also available for reading in our Innovation Center during library time. There are a number of videos available on YouTube of teachers reading the books at
We encourage you to participate in picture book with your child - find copies of the books at the public library or online, read with them, share the read alouds - encourage them to play Bingo. We think you'll find you're never too old to enjoy a picture book!
We do ask that students read the books in November - not counting a reading in the past to mark off a spot. Students can win for 1 Bingo across, 1 Bingo down, and one diagonal Bingo, and if they fill the whole card, they will get to pick a book to keep from Mrs Bibler.
Questions? E-mail or call Mrs Bibler at or 630-588-6213



Mr. Bob Yelaska



Mrs. Natalie Heinrich

Assistant Principal

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