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CCSD93 Parents Invited to Dual Language Program Potential Consolidation Town Hall Meeting 2/19/20

February 12, 2020

Dear CCSD93 Elementary School Parents/Guardians,

As you may have read in the Friday, February 7 edition of CCSD93’s Enews, a committee charged with exploring ways to improve CCSD93’s Dual Language program has recommended consolidating the program into a single CCSD93 elementary building. While no decision on whether to consolidate the program to a single school has been made, there are a number of potential scenarios under consideration across all three CCSD93 elementary schools that currently house the program (Cloverdale, Elsie Johnson, and Roy DeShane). No school currently has the capacity to take on the program's students without requiring at least a portion of its existing students to relocate.  

This message is to invite you to a Town Hall Meeting from 7-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19 at CCSD93's District Office (230 Covington Drive in Bloomingdale) to learn about the Dual Language program, its future, and the possibility of consolidating the program into a single building. Here are important details regarding the Town Hall Meeting.

  • Spanish translators will be on site for parents who require this service.
  • The evening will begin with an approximately 40-minute presentation from CCSD93 for parents to find out more about research behind the value of consolidating the program, specific scenarios being considered, and what the impact of each scenario would be on CCSD93's students. 
  • The event will be live streamed at and archived for parents who cannot make it in person or would like to watch later. There will be separate English and Spanish video feeds of the meeting.
  • Immediately following CCSD93’s presentation, District administrators will answer questions. 
  • In order to best accommodate the viewing audience at home, give all attendees an opportunity to participate, and to make most efficient use of time, attendees will be invited to place questions and comments on notecards to be addressed at the meeting. We will do our best to address questions and comments in the order in which they are received. 
  • Those viewing from home can email questions or comments to
  • A document of all questions, answers and statements from the evening will be created and shared with all parents in the week following the meeting. 
  • The meeting will conclude at 8:30 p.m., and any questions or comments that remain unaddressed at that point will be included in the document.

A determination on whether to consolidate the program; and if so, at which location; will be brought to the Board of Education at the March 12 Board of Education meeting. Please review the second page of this document for more information on the work of the Dual Language Committee that led to the recommendation to consolidate the Dual Language program. 

Thank you for partnering with us to maximize the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student. 


David H. Hill, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

CCSD93 Parents Invited to Dual Language Program Potential Consolidation Town Hall Meeting 2/19/20


Background on Dual Language Committee

CCSD93's Dual Language program in its 5th year, with 221 students in 12 classes spanning kindergarten through 4th grade. Those classes are spread among three schools: Cloverdale, Elsie Johnson, and Roy DeShane. With the program continually growing and progressing, CCSD93 has convened a Dual Language Committee, comprised of Dual Language teachers and District administrators, to explore ways to improve the program and consider how it will look at the middle school level when it reaches that point. 

The committee members have attended dual language conferences, conferred with a nationally renowned dual language consultant, carefully examined relevant research and data, visited multiple dual language schools throughout the country, and surveyed Dual Language families about their experiences and opinions on the program moving forward. Based on their findings, at the February 6, 2020 CCSD93 Board of Education meeting, the Committee recommended that the program be consolidated into a single building for kindergarten through 5th grade starting with the 2020-21 year in order to provide students with the best possible learning opportunities. 

Benefits of a Single Building

The Dual Language program being housed in a single school building would:

  • Enable the program's students to be placed in classes with a different mix of classmates each school year. Currently the program's classes are isolated into single class cohorts that progress from year to year within their buildings with the exact same group of peers.     
  • Allow CCSD93 to more effectively provide social and academic services to program students.
  • Provide program students with teachers, support staff, specialists, and administrators that are all trained in strategies to support language learning, rather than just their classroom teacher.
  • Broaden and strengthen the Dual Language family community.
  • Allow for improved instruction by providing increased collaboration opportunities for teachers to regularly communicate, plan with one another, and receive targeted professional development in a single building.
  • Better enable CCSD93 to respond to class size fluctuation by more equitably distributing resources and staff members.
  • Better meet the Dual Language program's stated goals of enabling students to become biliterate and bilingual while building multicultural competency by exposing students to a wider range of peers with diverse backgrounds.

In short, housing the Dual Language program in a single building would enable Dual Language students and families to receive an educational experience that much more closely mirrors the experiences of their peers who are not in the program. This simply cannot be achieved as the program currently stands.  

Find Out More About CCSD93’s Dual Language Program

Please visit to find out more about the Dual Language program, including a video about the program and a Talk D93 podcast featuring Director of English Language Services Mireya Sanchez speaking with CCSD93 Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Hill about the program.