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A Message for CCSD93 Middle School Parents - 1/10/19

Dear CCSD93 Parents of Middle School Students,

The purpose of this message is to keep you informed, and it is not intended to alarm you.

Today Stratford Middle School Principal Patrick Dawson was contacted by a parent who made him aware that the parent’s child had seen a disturbing pornographic video on Snapchat and advised him that other students may have also seen the video on their cell phones.

Principal Dawson immediately contacted the Bloomingdale Police Department liaison stationed at Stratford Middle School. Principal Dawson connected with Jay Stream Middle School’s administrators, who also contacted the Carol Stream Police Department liaison stationed at Jay Stream. It was determined that the video in question did not originate from the local area and proper authorities were alerted.

Administrators from both schools were on alert for any students viewing, sharing or speaking about the video in question or acting out of the ordinary in regard to their cell phone use. No evidence was found of students doing this during the school day.

If you have any information of students viewing or sharing this or any other inappropriate videos during the school day, please contact your child’s principal. Principal Dawson can be reached at or 630-671-4300, and Jay Stream Middle School Principal Julie Tobin can be reached at or 630-588-5200.

Student safety is our highest priority, both physically and online. The following are among the measures CCSD93 has in place for online student safety. CCSD93:
- Teaches Internet safety as part of our curriculum and we work with community organizations to bring in experts to speak with students and parents.
- Employs a content filter that updates daily and prevents students from accessing inappropriate websites, including social media sites, while on CCSD93’s wireless network.
- Utilizes a subscription software to ensure student safety while using specific school apps.
- Has adopted a Board Policy that outlines expectations for student cell phone use during school, which you can read here:
- Constantly assesses available tools and products to ensure that we are providing the safest online space for our students.

While we feel strongly about the tools, programs, policies, and curriculum we have in place, it is ultimately up to parents to monitor their child’s online behavior. Please use this situation to have a conversation with your child about online safety. The following are talking points you may want to consider.
- Students should not share lewd images or videos under any circumstances.
- If a student receives an image or video like this, they should immediately tell their parent or a trusted adult.
- If a student shares these types of images or videos that feature other minors, they may receive criminal consequences under the law.
- If these types of images or videos are shared on CCSD93 school grounds, students involved will receive consequences from the school and/or district.

While there are many resources available for parents regarding online safety, a good place to start is Thank you for taking measures to keep your child safe online. If you have any questions about the contents of this letter, please feel free to contact me at 630-539-3000 or    


William R. Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Community Consolidated School District 93