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Important Info for Jay Stream Parents 3/4/19

March 4, 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a situation that occurred at Jay Stream Middle School, and it is not intended to alarm you. I was informed on Thursday evening after Parent/Teacher Conferences that after school on Wednesday at one of our bus stops a student had been threatened by another student who was in possession of a knife. Because school would not be in session on Friday, I advised the parent of the student to file a police report if they desired to have it investigated immediately.

Today was our first opportunity to investigate the situation, and we immediately spoke with the student alleged to have made the threat. The student admitted to being in possession of a knife on school grounds on Wednesday and to making the threat. Jay Stream Middle School’s administration is now working with the student and the student’s family to handle the situation, and appropriate discipline will be provided. 

Jay Stream Middle School will not tolerate knives or weapons of any kind being brought to school nor will we tolerate threats being made. Students who bring weapons to school or make threatening remarks will be provided with appropriate consequences.

Please take this opportunity to share with your child that knives, weapons of any kind, and threats are dangerous and are not jokes.  The presence of such weapons or threats on school grounds will be taken very seriously and will not be tolerated.

Our highest priority is student safety, and we ask that our students partner with us to help keep Jay Stream a safe place for children to learn. Please remind your child that if he or she ever feels threatened, witnesses another student in possession of a weapon, or perceives danger of any kind, they should immediately do any of the following:  

  • Inform an adult in person.
  • Submit a tip through our SafeSchools Alert tip reporting system. It allows students to submit safety or other concerns via text, email, phone, or online. While students can submit the report anonymously, they are encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible, and include their name if they feel comfortable, so that we can properly investigate the concern. More information on SafeSchools Alert can be found on our website at and directly at  
  • Call 9-1-1.

Again, our first priority is student safety and wellbeing. Please contact me at or 630-588-5200 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this information. Thank you.                                                                    


Julie Tobin
Jay Stream Middle School

Important Info for Jay Stream Parents 3_4_19