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Important Info for Jay Stream Parents - 3/18/19

March 18, 2019

Dear Jay Stream Parent,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a situation that occurred today at Jay Stream Middle School and it is not intended to alarm you. Today a student was found to have brought a small amount of marijuana to school.

A staff member overheard students discussing that a classmate may have had the substance on their person and informed Jay Stream’s administrators. We immediately investigated the situation, spoke with the student, and found that they were indeed in possession of marijuana. The student admitted to having used the substance off of school grounds only, and we have no reason to believe that it was used on school property. The student and parent were spoken with, and the student will receive appropriate consequences. The matter is now in the hands of the Carol Stream Police Department, who are investigating it further.

Jay Stream Middle School will not tolerate the presence of any drugs, alcohol, or any other controlled substance on school property. All instances in which any of these substances are found will be taken extremely seriously. We always have the full cooperation of our local police departments. Students involved in any situation like this will be provided with appropriate repercussions from the school and may face legal consequences.

Please talk with your child about the seriousness of drugs and the importance of reporting any discussion about drugs or their presence to a trusted adult immediately.

If a student does not feel comfortable informing an adult directly, they may submit a tip through our SafeSchools Alert tip reporting system. It allows students to submit safety or other concerns via text, email, phone, or online. While students can submit a report anonymously, they are encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible, and include their name if they feel comfortable, so that we can properly investigate the concern. More information on SafeSchools Alert can be found on our website at and directly at  

Please contact me at or 630-588-5200 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this information. Thank you.


Julie Tobin
Jay Stream Middle School