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The Race of Life / Poem

“The Race of Life”
by Elelta

Life is a race
Before starting a race you feel your heart thumping, you get queasy and
you’re filled with hesitance.
As the ref blows the whistle and the race starts
You feel yourself being filled with adrenaline,
and you run. You don’t know what challenges or pains you may encounter
in this race but you know that no matter what may happen you need to
keep on going.
In life you are running a race, the race of life.
The more you put into it, the more you get out it.
The more you train and work hard for the race, the better you do on the
The more you work hard and try,the more you get out of life.
Life is full of destinations, but just like the finish line,
they are not the end of your journey.
When you run a race, you set goals for yourself.
In life we also set goals and look at them with the same dedication
and focus.
When we go to achieve our goals we face a lot of challenges. We need
to face those challenges with determination like you do when you face
hardships in a race.
In the race there will be unexpected hills, storms, and other things
that will make us want to quit and give up.
Even if the worst comes our way we can’t quit but we have to quickly
adapt and keep going.
To do these things we need support and care from family and friends;
cheering us on and us cheering others on. With this support we can stay
strong and keep going in the race of life