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Student Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Dear Roy DeShane School Families,

This message is intended to inform you of changes taking place in the Roy DeShane School arrival & dismissal process.

There will be 3 main changes:

  • The area directly in front of the school, on Chippewa Trail will be designated for “buses only” before and after school.

Buses Only on Chippewa Trail

  • All cars will approach the school from the West by heading East on Aztec Drive continuing onto Ute Lane.  They will enter the Roy DeShane drop off brick horse shoe by Door #3 (located near the playground). Cars will then exit the brick parking lot / drop off lane and turn right onto Chippewa Trail heading West.  

Car Drop Off at Door 3 on Ute


  • Locations of student lineups will change. The moving cars near Door #3 bring the need to move our kindergarten and 1st grade students away from the area. Therefore, we will have our kindergarteners and 1st grade students join our 2nd grade students to enter by Door #2. Third grade students will move to join the 4th and 5th grade students at Door #1. All Walkers and car pick up will use Door 3 at Dismissal. 

Door 2  Door 1

These changes are being made in an attempt to make our environment safer. The plan should alleviate traffic congestion and create a safe area students can unload and load buses. Here's an additional aerial overview of the changes impacting vehicles.

Overall Overview for New Arrival & Dismissal


If you have questions or would like additional information on our changes please call our school office at 630-588-6300.  Thank you for your understanding and assistance to make Roy DeShane a safer place for our community.


Pete La Chance
Roy DeShane School