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A Note Regarding Stratford Middle School's Intruder Drill - 11/15/18

November 15, 2019

Dear Stratford Middle School Parents,

This letter is being sent to keep you informed that an Intruder Drill was practiced today at Stratford Middle School.

The Intruder Drill is a part of CCSD93’s district-wide Crisis Plan, and would be implemented in the event that an unwelcome intruder gains entry to the school. In accordance with the requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education, all Illinois public schools must practice this drill annually. 

Stratford Middle School is working closely with local authorities to practice the drill most effectively. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends utilizing a “Run, Hide, Fight” strategy, which CCSD93 has adopted. What this means for our school is that adults are being trained on a variety of methods to keep students as safe as possible. Dependent upon the circumstances of the potential situation, they will strategically direct students to evacuate, hide, or as a very last resort to barricade or counter an intruder if neither of the first two options are available. 

Today’s drill focused on the “hide” portion of the strategy, and no individual simulated the role of the intruder. The drill was practiced at a variety of locations in the school (classrooms, hallways, restrooms, Innovation Center, lunchroom, etc.) and focused on hiding actions that students and staff members should and should not take if presented with this situation. We will hold additional drills later in the year to practice the remaining strategies. We will continue to work closely with local authorities and keep you informed when these drills take place.

The safety and welfare of our students and staff remains our highest priority. By practicing this drill, as with all of our school safety drills, our students and staff members will be much better prepared should they ever be presented with an intruder situation. A special thank you goes the Bloomingdale Police Department for their guidance and assistance. Please contact me at 630-671-4300 or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support,

Patrick Dawson
Stratford Middle School