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CCSD93 to hold Preschool Registration on Jan. 17, 2019

CCSD93 to hold Preschool Registration on Jan. 17, 2019

Community Consolidated School District 93 will hold Preschool Registration for the 2019-20 school year at 6 p.m. Thusday, January 17, 2019 at the District 93 Early Childhood Center, 280 Old Gary Avenue in Bloomingdale. Registration is for students who will be 3 years or 4 years of age by September 1, 2019.

Parents are asked to bring:

  • Proof of residency (for in-district tuition rate).
    • Parent/guardian photo ID (driver's license, IL state ID, passport/consulate ID, or green card).
    • Utility bill (not telephone): gas, electric, water, garbage or home insurance policy.
    • If you own or rent: monthly mortgage statement (or title evidence or mortgage papers) or current lease agreement.
    • If you reside in another person's home: homeowner needs to complete attestation form and provide ID and proofs of residency listed in the previous two bullets above within 5 school days of registration.  An attestation form will be given to you upon request.
  • A photo ID.
  • The child’s original birth certificate.

There, parents can learn more about District 93’s preschool curriculum, staff, events, and tuition. A question and answer session will be held. Translators for Spanish, Gujarati/Urdu, and Polish languages will be available.

View our Early Childhood Center video here: 

This registration is for parents of children who will be new to the Early Childhood Center (ECC) only. Students who currently attend preschool at the ECC and will return next year do not need to be re-registered at Preschool Registration.

Community Consolidated School District 93 offers a unique Preschool multi-age program, aligned with District 93's vision that blends young children who have identified disabilities with young children who do not have disabilities, ages three through five. Young children have numerous opportunities to develop their individuality, friendships, and sense of self in a safe, nurturing environment. Through open, reciprocal communication and by focusing on the strengths of the children, families, and colleagues, our mission for an individualized play-based environment which fosters independent thought, problem solving, a sense of self worth, and successful group interactions is the ultimate goal.

The Early Childhood Center is an award-winning school, having earned the Award of Excellence for Inclusion of Students with Special Needs and the Gold Circle of Quality, which is the highest level of recognition for preschool programs in the state of Illinois.  The preschool program and curriculum is aligned to Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (IELDS) and National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines.  Instruction is provided to classes of approximately 15 children. There are 3-, 4-, and 5-day morning and afternoon sessions available. Options and tuition are as follows:

Morning (Mondays - 8:15-10:15 a.m. ; Tuesdays-Fridays - 8:15-11 a.m.) 

o  3-day (Tuesday-Thursday)         In-District Tuition: $130/mo           Out-of District Tuition: $180/mo

o  4-day (Monday-Thursday)          In- District Tuition: $170/mo          Out-of District Tuition: $260/mo

o  5-day (Weekdays)                     In- District Tuition: $210/mo          Out-of District Tuition: $340/mo

Afternoon (12:35-2:35 p.m. ; Tuesdays-Fridays - 12:35-3:20 p.m.)

o  3-day (Tuesday-Thursday)         In-District Tuition: $130/mo           Out-of District Tuition: $180/mo

o  4-day (Monday-Thursday)          In- District Tuition: $170/mo          Out-of District Tuition: $260/mo

o  5-day (Weekdays)                     In- District Tuition: $210/mo          Out-of District Tuition: $340/mo

¡Distrito Escolar 93 Centro de Educación Temprana Registración Pre-Escolar!

Cuando:  Jueves, 17 de enero, 2019, 6 p.m.

Donde:  280 Old Gary Avenue, Bloomingdale

Traer por favor: Identificación con Foto, Prueba de

Residencia, y Certificado Original de Nacimiento

¡Llame al 630-307-3750 para más información!

!Vea el vídeo de nuestro Centro Preescolar!

!Escanee este código QR o vaya a!

Sobre el Programa Preescolar de CCSD93

Comunidad Consolidated School District 93 ofrece un único programa de edades múltiples preescolar, alineado con la visión del distrito 93, que mezcla a los niños pequeños que han identificado discapacidades con niños pequeños que no tienen discapacidades, tres a cinco años de edad. Los niños pequeños tienen numerosas oportunidades para desarrollar su individualidad, amistades y sentido de sí mismo en un lugar seguro, cuidando el medio ambiente. A través de la comunicación abierta y recíproca y al centrarse en las fortalezas de los niños, familias y colegas, nuestra misión para un ambiente individualizado basado en juegos que fomente independiente pensamiento, resolución de problemas, un sentido de autoestima, y las interacciones grupo exitoso es la meta final.

Edad Requerida:  Los niños deben tener 3 años o 4 años de edad en el 1 de septiembre, 2019.

Sesiones:  Mañanas (Lunes 8:15-10:15 a.m.; Martes-Viernes 8:15-11 a.m.)
        o Tardes (Lunes 12:35-2:35 p.m.; Martes-Viernes 12:35-3:20 p.m.)

  • 3-dias (Martes, Miercoles y Jueves) Matrícula: $130/mes    Matrícula Fuera del Distrito: $180/mes
  • 4-dias (De Martes a Viernes) Matrícula: $170/mes    Matrícula Fuera del Distrito: $260/mes
  • 5-dias (los días de semana) Matrícula: $210/mes    Matrícula Fuera del Distrito: $340/mes