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A Note for CCSD93 Parents Regarding our Principals

February 16, 2018

Dear CCSD93 Parents and Staff,

I’m writing to inform you that all of CCSD93’s school principals will be participating in a nationally tested and proven professional development process called School Administration Manager (SAM). The ultimate purpose of SAM is to help our principals become even better leaders in the fields of teaching and learning.

I share this with you because as part of the program, each school principal will be “shadowed” by a time/task data collector for a couple of days throughout the next several weeks. The data collector will not interact with others and will try to be as “invisible” as possible so as not to change what our principals would normally do. The data collector will carry a clipboard with a stopwatch and follow the principal wherever he/she goes in the school throughout the day. The data collector will not speak or respond to anyone and will try to avoid eye contact so that he/she does not become involved in the principal’s interactions.

Please do not be alarmed by the presence of the data collector, and if you interact with your school’s principal during the time that he or she is being shadowed, please proceed as if the data collector is not there.

The data obtained by the data collector will be shared with our principals and used to help increase the time they spend focused on instructional leadership, ultimately to improve teaching and learning.

Thank you for your support in helping CCSD93 principals best meet the needs of your children. To learn more about the SAM process, please visit If you have specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or 630-539-3000 or reach out to your school’s principal.


Bill Shields
Superintendent of Schools