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Middle School Prevention Programs

Dear Middle School Parents,

On October 25, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students were sent home with letters regarding separate prevention programs each grade level will be taught during their Physical Development & Health classes in the coming weeks.

6th graders will participate in the Child Assault Prevention program, which focuses on bullying, stranger assault, and known adult assault.

7th graders will participate in Teens Taking Charge, which is designed to raise awareness about different types of abuse and assault in relationships, social pressures that contribute to violence in relationships, and sexual harassment.

8th graders will participate in AWARE, which is an acronym for Adolescents With Awareness, Resources, and Education.  In AWARE, students will be educated on the topics of teen pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention, acquaintance rape, sexual assault, and responsible sexual decision-making.  Adolescents who are informed and educated are more likely to make healthy decisions, develop healthy relationships, and postpone sexual involvement.  AWARE is an abstinence-based program.

The letters that were sent home ask if you would not like your child to participate in their grade level program, that you please contact your child’s school by Monday, October 29.

You're invited to view the letters linked here:

Jay Stream

6th Grade CAPS Letter - JS 2018-19.pdf

7th Grade TTC Letter - JS 2018-19.pdf

8th Grade AWARE Letter - JS 2018-19.pdf



6th Grade CAPS Letter - ST 2018-19.pdf

7th Grade TTC Letter - ST 2018-19.pdf

8th Grade AWARE Letter - ST 2018-19.pdf