Tier 1 Information For Parents

  • Heritage Lakes

    Elementary School

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Support 

    Dear Heritage Lakes Families, 

    The Heritage Lakes staff continues to implement the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework. In order for students to succeed academically, we need to create a safe environment for our students to learn. Students will continuously be taught the Heritage Lakes expectations of being Respectful, Responsible, and  Safe throughout the school year. We will strive to ensure that all our students have a clear understanding of these expectations so they can be successful at Heritage Lakes. 

    Thank you for your continued support. Go Huskies!!!

    ~Heritage Lakes Staff 

  • Be Respectful


    Looks Like

    Feels Like

    Listen to others with focus

    our best version of whole body listening

    we feel calm and valued when we feel heard

    Be kind

    kind words, showing empathy, being kind to yourself and others

    we feel happy when we are kind to others and others are kind to us

    Follow directions

    being on task, asking for help, respecting the rules of the setting

    we feel confident when we understand expectations

    Be Responsible

    Be prepared for learning

    ready to begin as expected for the situation - supplies and materials ready - ask for help

    we feel confident that we can have a good day

    Take care of supplies, technology and school property

    devices are charged, materials used as intended, asking for help when needed

    we feel calm and ready for learning

    Take charge of yourself (be accountable)

    take care of what needs to be done, no blaming others for our mistakes, stay focused on our own actions

    we feel calm and ready for learning

    Be Safe

    Calm bodies

    hands, feet, and objects to self, walking feet, respect others’ personal space

    we feel in control of our own school experience

    Keep our school clean

    garbage is in the trash, personal belongings are put away, and our common spaces are free of dirt and liquids

    we feel cared for when our space is clean and easy to move in

    Respect the safety of others

    being mindful of the physical and emotional safety of other Huskies

    we feel safe and ready to learn

    Use Stop Walk and Talk and Stop Breathe and Leave

    using SWAT when we feel another is not respecting our safety or personal space / using SBL when someone else asks you to stop

    we know what to expect and feel confident we can handle most of our own conflicts