Tier 2 Information For Parents

  • Check-In/Check-Out at Heritage Lakes

    Heritage Lakes School implements Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework. The PBIS framework focuses on data, systems and practices for all.  Part of the framework focuses on explicitly teaching students behavioral expectations across all environments, actively practicing the behaviors, and acknowledging the student's positive behaviors. Staff members acknowledge students with postive specific behavior praise paired with Husky Heroes.           

    Extensive research indicates that when behavior expectations are taught in a clear, concise and positive manner approximately 80% or better of all students respond successfully. On occasion, about 5-15% of children need a little extra coaching in order to learn lagging or lacking skills to be able to successfully demonstrate the expected behavior/s.  The student might need extra repetition and more practice, steps broken down into smaller increments, or extra attention from a caring adult so that they feel motivated and encouraged. No matter the reason, through the framework of PBIS, children are given the support he/she needs in order to learn appropriate behavior in all school settings.   

    Check-In/Check-Out is an intervention designed to provide the child with additional positve praise and specific feedback from adults, as well as build extra connections and relationships. The intervention is approximately 4-6 weeks long depending on the child's response. It is our goal that the student achieves 80% of their points or better for the duration of the intervention. Your child will have an assigned coach to connect with every morning and afternoon. Students are given a Daily Progress Report aligned to the 3 Be’s: be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. The Daily Progress Report will come home daily for you to see how they did and acknowledge the successes he/she had throughout the school day. You will be notified when your child successfully completes the intervention and their success will be celebrated.

    Proactively, we strive to help children make positive choices.  Research indicates that the Check-In/Check-Out intervention will support children's social, emotional and behavioral progress.  The intervention will help connect your child to a positive, caring adult within the school community.

    Children can be referred to the Check-In/Check-Out Intervention in a multitude of ways.  See the list below.  

    Self-Referral - a student requests participation in the intervention


    Data Referral - CCSD and School guidelines based on data (including but

    not limited to referrals)


    Staff/Parent Referral - a teacher/staff or parent requests the child

    participates in the intervention

    - The PBIS Tier 2 Team

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