Potential Enrollment

  • CCSD93 holds an ongoing preschool enrollment that depends upon space availability and student age.

    Please complete this form to indicate your interest in CCSD93's Preschool Program at the Early Childhood Center. NOTE, THIS IS NOT CONSIDERED AN OFFICIAL ENROLLMENT.

    We will follow up with you soon after your submission regarding potential enrollment. For more information on the program, visit www.ccsd93.com/ecc


    CCSD93’s Early Childhood Center (ECC) provides a unique and engaging preschool experience in a space thoughtfully designed just for our community’s littlest learners. Join Dr. Hill and ECC Principal Heather Santiemmo for a discussion about what sets the ECC apart as it guides students to grow and develop, and how you can enroll your child to start building a strong foundation for kindergarten and beyond.


    CCSD93 tiene una inscripción preescolar continua que depende de la disponibilidad de espacio y la edad de los estudiantes.

    Complete este formulario para indicar su interés en el Programa Preescolar de CCSD93 en el Centro de Primera Infancia. NOTA, ESTO NO SE CONSIDERA UNA INSCRIPCIÓN OFICIAL.

    Nos pondremos en contacto con usted poco después de su envío con respecto a la posible inscripción. Para obtener más información sobre el programa, visite www.ccsd93.com/ecc.