Preschool Screenings - 3 to 5 Years of Age

  • Preschool screening is recommended for all children 33 months to 5 years of age who live within District 93. 

    The screening consists of two components.  The first is to secure information regarding your child’s overall development and the second would be your child’s participation, if warranted, in the preschool screening process. The first step of CCSD93’s preschool screening process is for families to complete the Ages & Stages Screening Questionnaire and the CCSD93 Parent Questionnaire.  Upon return, a CCSD93 preschool team member will review the information and contact you to discuss the results and if a screening is warranted.  If a screening is needed, then an appointment will be scheduled by the school secretary. 

    • Click here to begin completing the Ages and Stages Questionnaire for your child.  You will be completing two questionnaires: The ASQ-3 and the ASQ:SE- 2. This process can take from 15 to 30 minutes and can be paused, if necessary.
    • This is the first step in the screening process.  Once you complete your questionnaire, it will be reviewed by a staff member and you will be contacted with the results and any next steps, if needed.
    • Click here to complete the Spanish version of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire for your child.

    WHAT should I expect at Preschool Screening?

    Each child's session at Preschool Screening will last a minimum of 90 minutes. The screening is a standardized and play-based format. Such a format will naturally assess your child's readiness, social interactions, communication, and fine/gross motor skills in a developmentally appropriate manner within the preschool classroom. Additionally, vision and hearing will also be screened.

    WHO will work with my child?

    • A Speech-Language Pathologist will assess speech (articulation) and language (expressive/receptive) skills.
    • A School Nurse will screen vision and hearing abilities.
    • A Social Worker or School Psychologist will review parent questionnaire information.
    • A Preschool Teacher will administer a standardized screening tool as well as assess social interactions and readiness through play.
    • An Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist will assess fine and gross motor skill development.
    • Preschool Team members will observe your child's interactions during various child and adult-directed activities.

    WHAT is the purpose of Preschool Screening?

    One of the purposes of preschool screening is to comply with Illinois State Law, which requires school districts to engage in child-find activities that assist in serving children with special needs. Furthermore, screening is completed to assist in identifying children in District 93 who may be in need of a full and individual evaluation to determine possible eligibility for Special Education.

    HOW will I know the results of the screening?

    At the end of screening, you will be informed of the results by a Social Worker or School Psychologist. Results will be reported as PASSED,

    RE-SCREEN or REFER TO PRESCHOOL TEAM. The results are only an indication of whether your child is progressing according to developmental norms. We do not determine IQ or kindergarten readiness. Rather, we use the screening information to assist in determining if your child needs additional evaluation to determine if specialized instruction and/or related services are warranted. You will receive a follow-up call IF your child is recommended for "REFER TO PRESCHOOL TEAM." This review would be accomplished by the Preschool Special Service Team.

    WHAT do I need to do to schedule my child for a screening?

    Please contact the school office (630-307-3750) to start the preschool screening process.   Please bring the COMPLETED paperwork, which will be sent to you by the secretary, to the screening appointment.