Preschool Screenings - 3 to 5 Years of Age

  • CCSD93 provides ongoing brief early childhood developmental screenings of children ages 33 months-5 years of age in the following areas: communication, motor, cognitive, social/emotional and vision/hearing.  This early childhood developmental screening is used to determine if further evaluation is needed. For further information concerning preschool screening, please contact the school secretary at 630-307-3750 for more information.

    WHAT is the purpose of Preschool Screening?

    One of the purposes of preschool screening is to comply with Illinois State Law, which requires school districts to engage in child-find activities that assist in serving children with special needs. Early screening enables our licensed professionals to identify whether children are meeting their developmental milestones. Developmental milestones not reached or reached at a much later time than their peers, could be a sign of a developmental delay.

    CCSD93 conducts several play-based screenings throughout the year for children between the ages of birth to 5.  Children are screened in the following areas of development:

    • Personal Social Behavior: How the child interacts (verbal and/or nonverbal) with adults, peers, and his/her environment. 
    • Problem Solving/Readiness:  How the child applies learned information through adult and/or child directed tasks.
    • Communication: The child’s ability to speak and express him/herself to others as well as to understand presented questions.
    • Fine and Gross Motor: A child’s gross motor skills are large body movements; whereas, fine motor skills target the way a child uses his/her hands, fingers, and arms. 

    WHAT do I need to do to schedule my child for a screening?

    Please contact the school office at 630-307-3750 to start the preschool screening process.