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    The mission of the Carol Stream School Innovation Center is to promote and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning by providing access to a variety of resources for students and staff.  We aim to be an inclusive space respectful of everyone's informational needs and literary tastes. 


    Carol Stream School Innovation Center Staff

    Gabriela Auld - Innovation Media Specialist

    Jennifer Welch - Innovation Center Paraprofessional

    Linda Spadlowski - Help Desk Paraprofessional


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    And the winner is....THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES!  

    The final count was 448 votes for The Book With No Pictures vs. 245 votes for We Don't Eat Our Classmates.  Thanks to all the staff and students for your support and enthusiasm in making this year's tournament a LAUGH OUT LOUD experience!  Now that the competition is over, why not check out more books by these fabulous authors?  




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