Parent General Information

  • Entrance Procedures at CCSD93 Schools

    As you visit a CCSD93 school, you will notice signage that provides you with instructions for entering the school. These instructions were put in place to ensure that our students staff enjoy the greatest possible safety as they learn and teach. Visitors will be asked to state their name and the purpose of their visit.

    Visitors who are not recognized or do not have appointments may not be allowed to enter the building, or in some cases may need to wait a considerable time before being allowed entry.  Those who have been part of the community for years will also be required to go through the entrance procedures.

    In addition, CCSD93 has installed technical features that will link each school to first responders in case of an emergency situation. 

    It is essential that CCSD93 has a systemic approach to safety and security. These procedures will only continue to assist staff with the safest possible teaching and learning environments.

    Homeless Family Information

    Homeless children are provided equal access to the district’s educational programs in accordance with the McKinney-Vento Act and state law. District procedures are intended to remove barriers to enrollment by homeless children. In addition, the district has designated a liaison for homeless children. The liaison coordinates services to facilitate the enrollment of homeless children and the provision of opportunities for academic success. 

    Board Policy: 705.11

    Liaison Contact Information:
    Crysta Morrissey, Ed.D.
    230 Covington Drive, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 
    (630) 539-3157

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