• Events and Order

    In middle school track meets, the events are generally run in the following order:

    110 m hurdles

    400 m dash

    100 m dash

    800 m run (half mile)

    200 m dash

    4 x 100 m relay

    1600 m run (the mile)

    4 x 200 m relay

    4 x 400 m relay

    Running events are typically run in the following order:

    6th / 7th grade girls

    6th / 7th grade boys

    8th grade girls

    8th grade boys

    Note: some events (800 m and 1600 m will sometimes combine groups depending on the number of runners)

    During the running events on the track, the following field events are taking place as well (location of events varies from site to site):

    Shot put


    Long jump

    Triple jump

    High jump

    Athletes are assigned to events by the coaches and can be entered into a maximum of four (4) events per meet.  The only events that are open (can be run by anyone) are the 800 m and 1600 m runs. 

    If a student is not assigned to any events, they are required to run in either the 800 m or 1600 m runs.