• What is PBIS?


    All District 93 schools are currently implementing PBIS

    What is P.B.I.S.?  

    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a Multitiered System of Support that establishes the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. 

    Four Elements of PBIS:

    The school-wide PBIS process emphasizes the creation of systems that support the adoption and durable implementation of evidence-based practices and procedures, and fit within on-going school reform efforts. An interactive approach that includes opportunities to correct and improve four key elements is used in school-wide PBIS focusing on systems, data, practices and outcomes.

    • Outcomes: academic and behavior targets that are endorsed and emphasized by students, families, and educators.
    • Practices: Curricula, instruction, interventions, and strategies that are evidence-based.
    • Data: information that is used to identify status, need for change, and effects of interventions.
    • Systems: supports that are needed to enable the accurate and durable implementation of the practices of PBIS.

    What is a Multitiered System of Support?

    As a Multitiered System of Support model, PBIS applies a three-tiered system and a problem-solving process to enhance the capacity of schools to effectively educate all students.


    EJ 2017-18