PBIS Tier 2

  • What is Tier 2?


    All students receive Tier 1 level supports (Cool Tools & Paws), but there are about 20% of students who need additional support.  There will be times when a student will need more support (15-20%), this is the middle portion of the pyramid.  These supports would include:

    • Check-In/Check-Out (CICO)

      • This is the first step in this level where students build positive connections with adults at school.  

      • Students “Check-In/Check-Out” with a Coach (staff member other than their teacher)

      • Students receive positive, corrective feedback for their behaviour throughout the day

      • The point sheet is sent home to communicate with parents on their child’s day

      • See below for information about how students can begin receiving this support.

    • Social/Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG)

      • If a student is continually struggling to meet their goal on Check-In/Check-Out, they may enter a SAIG group

      • Students receive direct instruction on specific skills and practice positive, replacement behaviors

      • Groups meet once a week and are given by a staff member

    • Individualized CICO

      • Students will use the CICO, point card, but there might be some changes for that students including:  change of Check-In/Check-Out location or more frequent check-in with coach

    • Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan (FBA/BIP)

      • If student is still not responding to the above interventions, this step may be pursued.

      • The purpose of this process is to determine more detailed information about behaviors that are getting in the way of the students learning.

      • A team will meet to figure out how often, when, where, why the behavior is happening and then will develop a plan to support the student.

    How can my student get these supports?

    • Students generally start with CICO and there are 4 ways to enter the program.

      • Parents can request

      • Teacher can refer a student

      • Students can ask to start in the program

      • Data-decision rule (if student receives 3 or more office disciplinary referrals in a month).