Student-Led Conference Sign-Up

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    This year, CCSD93’s parent/teacher conferences will continue to take the form of Student-Led Conferences, as students will once again participate with their parents and teachers to celebrate successes and identify areas for growth. 

    Important Notes:

    1. Conferences will be held on October 18th and 19th.
    2. Parents are once again asked to use PTC Wizard, an online scheduling tool, to set up conferences any time between Friday, September 29th, at noon and noon the day prior to the conference. To register and schedule your conferences, follow the directions below.

    Beginning Friday, September 29th at noon, parents can begin scheduling Student-Led Conferences for the fall sessions electronically using PTC Wizard, a secure system that prevents scheduling errors and ensures that conflicts do not occur. Online scheduling will conclude at noon the day prior to the conference.

    PTC Wizard Account Registration Directions

    Accounts are reset each school year, which means all parents must create a new parent account each year in the fall. To start: 

    1. Click the link for your student’s school in the PTC Wizard School Scheduling Links section below

    2. Click Create Account and follow the prompts to add name, email and password

      • DO NOT use the Google or Microsoft single sign-on options when creating your account; see the last bullet point in the Additional Notes/Troubleshooting section below for more details

    3. Account Settings will pop up; fill out the first and last names of all of your students attending CCSD93’s schools, clicking Add Student after each

    4. Once all students are added, click to Save Changes and exit the Account Settings or hit Close after saving the changes

    Scheduling Directions 

    1. If you are not already logged in at your student’s school, click the link for your student’s school below and log in 

    2. Click Add/Edit Meetings

    3. Click the Teachers button in the top left corner 

    4. Scroll or use the search function to find the teacher(s) you wish to schedule a conference with, select the teacher(s) name(s), and then close the Teachers tab 

      • PARENTS OF STRATFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY: To meet with your child's team of core instructional teachers, please sign up for a conference with your child's Science teacher. Stratford will do its best to ensure your child's ELA, Math, and Humanities teachers will also attend the conference. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Stratford cannot guarantee that all will be able to attend. Please use the comments feature to specifically request any other teacher and we will do our best to ensure their attendance.
    5. The first conference date will be defaulted with available conference times showing; select the other conference date in the top middle menu if desired

    6. Select your preferred time(s) to meet with your student’s teacher(s), and then select the student’s name associated with this conference when prompted

      1. Once the time slot(s) are highlighted green, your conference time is auto-saved

      2. If you would like to add any comment(s) for the teacher(s), select the Agenda button on the top right menu, enter your comment(s) and select Save Comment

      3. If you would like to receive an email confirmation, select the Agenda button on the top right menu and select Confirm this agenda

    7. If you have student(s) at other school(s), click the school link below, log in using your PTC Wizard credentials and follow these scheduling directions again

    Additional Notes/Troubleshooting

    • You can log back in to review your schedule or cancel appointments any time

    • All parents will be emailed their schedule the day before the first conference

    • If you have trouble scheduling your child or logging into your account at second school, please contact the school for scheduling assistance

    • You cannot create an account through the Google or Microsoft single sign-on options on the login screen. Once you manually create an account with Google or Microsoft email addresses, you may log back in using these single sign-on credentials.

    PTC Wizard School Scheduling Links