Student-Led Conference Sign-Up

  • (Inscripción a conferencias dirigidas por estudiantes)

    This year, CCSD93’s parent/teacher conferences will continue to take the form of Student-Led Conferences, as students will once again participate with their parents and teachers to participate in celebrating successes and identifying areas for growth. 

    Important Notes:

    1. Conferences will be held on March 2 and 16.
    2. Parents are once again asked to use PTC Wizard, an online scheduling tool, to set up conferences any time between Friday, February 10 at noon and noon the day prior to the conference. To register and schedule your conferences, follow the directions below.

    Beginning Friday, February 10th at noon, parents can begin scheduling Student-Led Conferences for the fall sessions electronically using PTC Wizard, a secure system that prevents scheduling errors and ensures that conflicts do not occur. Online scheduling will conclude at noon the day prior to the conference.

    Click your child's School Registration Link below to get started if you have already created a PTC Wizard account this school year in the fall, or for directions on registering and scheduling conferences, please refer to the PTC Wizard Account Registration Directions below the break. 

    School Registration Links

    Carol Stream School

    Heritage Lakes School

    Western Trails School

    Cloverdale School

    Elsie Johnson School

    Roy DeShane School

    Jay Stream Middle School

    Stratford Middle School

    Early Childhood Center


    PTC Wizard Account Registration Directions
    Accounts are reset each school year, which means all parents must create a new parent account each year in the fall. You may use the same email address you used last school year. You may complete the registration process any time by clicking on the name of the school your child attends above and providing the following information in the Create Account section.

    • Your first and last name
    • Your email address
    • A password that you select

    Once you have registered an account, you will be asked to Add A Child.  Fill out the first and last name of the child and click on Save.  Upon this, a prompt will ask you for Email Consent.  Make sure your email is correctly listed and check the box and click Submit.

    You can add more children by clicking on Account Settings, looking at the Children tab, clicking on +Add, and then typing in the new child’s first and last name and clicking Save below.  If you have children at more than one District 93 school, you can add them all at the same time regardless of which school you are logged into, but be sure to log into the correct school with your established PTC Wizard credentials when setting up each child's conference schedule.

    After you have created a new account, you may use the Parent Sign In section to log back in any time during this school year.

    Scheduling Directions
    Once you have registered a PTC Wizard account, you may schedule Student-Led Conferences by logging in using the correct school link above and following the steps below.

    • Step 1: Click the Add A Meeting button.
    • Step 2: Select the conference you would like to attend with and click Continue.
    • Step 3: Select from the list of teachers you would like to meet with and click Continue.
    • Step 4: Select from the list of time slots. Once selected, choose a child when prompted and then click Continue.
    • Step 5: Once you click Continue this final time, an email will automatically be sent to your identified email address with your scheduled appointments.

    If you have difficulties during registration or do not have computer access, please call your child's school office. Calls will only be taken during school hours.

    Scheduling Students at Different Schools
    Parents are required to log into each school's PTC Wizard site linked above to schedule conferences for their children who attend that school. Once you create a PTC Wizard account for yourself, you will be able to use those same login credentials to log into any of the schools listed above. If you have children attending different schools, select the correct school link above, log in with your established PTC Wizard credentials, and follow the Scheduling Directions above to schedule for the correct child.