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    1:1 Personalized Learning in District 93


    Community Consolidated School District 93 students have seen their traditional schools converted into dynamic digital learning centers with 1:1 Personalized Learning.

    One-to-one Learning helps CCSD93's schools incorporate the newest technology into their daily instruction to improve academic achievement. The District 93 Board of Education approved the plan for students to shift to digital learning by putting digital devices into the hands of every student and teacher. 

    Here on this webpage, you'll find frequently asked questions about 1:1 Personalized Learning, videos of Superintendent Shields and other District 93 officials speaking about 1:1 Personalized Learning, an explanation of what 1:1 Personalized Learning is like, videos of visions for student learning in the future, and links to 1:1 Personalized Learning news articles! Scroll down to take a look at all of these resources.  

    Find Out Even More About 1:1 Learning by Watching the Video Below

    Community Consolidated School District 93 gave stakeholders the opportunity to find out more about 1:1 Learning by hosting three identical 1:1 Learning Town Hall Meetings. The meetings covered topics such as what 1:1 Learning means for District 93’s students, teachers, and other stakeholders; the reasons District 93 chose to move toward this personalized form of learning; and how District 93 will implement 1:1 Learning. A question and answer session followed each presentation. 

    What is 1:1 Learning Like?

    With 1:1 Learning, educators can use interactive texts, videos, animations, and other features in digital instructional programs to provide more dynamic, personalized lessons with assessment tools that determine in real-time each student’s level of performance to help teachers quickly identify academic strengths and weaknesses.

    Students use etexts in the classrooms. The etexts are highly adaptive to each student’s learning needs and include features to digitally highlight, take notes, bookmark, quickly look up definitions, link to relevant topics, get audio and video support, and more.

    "This allows the district and teachers to personalize education," Shields said. One-to-one Learning allows students in grades 4 through 8 to utilize technology and educational resources both at school and at home, while preschool through grade 3 make use of technology tools to enhance learning in the classroom.

    "Children can learn at their own pace and be challenged consistently to utilize critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. Our students have the ability to go on virtual field trips they would never be able to afford to make in person. They are being exposed to world-wide experiences and situations while never leaving their community. It’s having a major impact on how students learn and helping make students more responsible for their own learning," said Shields.

    To help bolster its personalization of children’s education, District 93 has also put an integrated data system and learning environment into place. The system integrates all student data, assessments, reporting, and mobile access into a single environment so each student’s achievement data and learning progress is available anytime and anywhere. This real-time data allows teachers to make instructional adjustments to the needs of each learner, while allowing the students to constantly be aware of their progress toward meeting their academic goals and targets.

    District 93 has worked with Pearson Education Company to make the transition to 1:1 Learning for students and staff. Pearson’s 1:1 Learning applies a research-based 1:1 Learning Framework to help districts successfully start and run mobile learning programs.

    "Educators at CCSD93 have made the important decision to meet students in the digital environment where they live, using technology to enrich the learning experience in a way never before possible," said Scott Drossos, Senior Vice President of Pearson’s 1:1 Learning. "We've worked with Superintendent Shields and his team as partners as the district prepares students for college and the technology-driven workforce of tomorrow. CCSD93 has decided it is going to lead the way in this digital revolution, and we applaud and support the district’s determination that every child benefit from these enormous opportunities for learning."


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