CCSD93 PowerSchool Parent Portal (PPP) Introduction

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    What is PowerSchool Parent Portal? 

    PowerSchool Parent Portal is an Internet based viewer that allows you to view your child's standards achievement grades and attendance directly from his/her teacher's gradebook. Early in the school year you will receive a letter from your child's school containing your user name and password information. The username and password will remain the same for as long as your student is attending CCSD93. Teachers do not have access to student passwords and password information is not given directly to students. If for some reason you did not receive a letter or have misplaced the information, please contact your school office and a new letter will be mailed home. 

    How do I get to PowerSchool Parent Portal (PPP)?

    PPP can be found at:

    Other Information :

    • No one else can view your child's grades unless they have your password (keep it safe)
    • If you have problems logging into PPP, send an email to
    • If you do not have Internet access at home and are unable to find easy access elsewhere (neighbors, friends, work, library), parents are able to privately access a computer in the school office during school hours.

Creating an account and login instructions

  • How to create your account and login to Powerschool Parent Portal

    If you already have an account for the CCSD93 PowerSchool Parent Portal, follow these directions to view your child's current standard score report card information. 

    1. Visit
    2. Sign In using your Username and Password
    3. Click on the Standard Grades tab
    4. On the right hand side, click Expand All
    5. You will be able view all standard scores in the expanded rows labeled by course names

    If you do not already have an account for the CCSD93 PowerSchool Parent Portal, follow these directions to create one.

    1. Visit
    2. Click on the Create Account tab
    3. Click on the Create Account button
    4. In the Parent Account Details section, fill out your information and create a Username and Password
    5. Scroll down to the Link Students to Account section
      1. Fill out your Student's Name, using both the first and last name in the same line
      2. Enter your child's Access ID
      3. Enter your child's Access Password
      4. Select your Relationship to the student
      5. Follow steps A through D for each additional child you have. You can find their Access ID and Access Passwords in additional emails from CCSD93 similar to this one.
    6. Once you have completed your parent and student information, scroll to the bottom and select Enter
    7. This will take you back to the login screen, and you can follow steps 1-5 in the above paragraph to view your student's standard scores

PowerSchool Parent Portal (PPP) FAQ

  • What if I want others to have access to my child’s grades (Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle)?

    If you want others to have access to your child’s grades via PowerSchool’s Parent Portal, you will need to provide them with the student’s login that was provided to you by the school. It will be the responsibility of each parent/guardian to distribute (or not distribute) this login as they see fit.

    Can I receive my child's grades by email?

    At this time, Pearson PowerSchool does not provide standards based scoring by email as their email notifications are setup to report final grades/percentages only. Since CCSD93 is using standards grades scores, the email notification option is not available until Pearson PowerSchool makes changes.

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What will I see in Powerschool Parent Portal?

  • The Parent Portal allows parents to see the following:

    • Student schedule and student attendance
    • Practice assignment scores from teacher gradebook
    • Final standards scores from teacher gradebook, that count for the report card
    • Comments entered for student standards scores in the teacher gradebook

    When you first log in you will see your student’s attendance and schedule on the ‘Grades and Attendance’ page.

    Click on the hyphen (-) to view the assignments in a class. (T1=trimester 1, R1=rotation 1 at middle school)

    Image 2

    Click on the hyphen (--) to the right of the subject to go to the score page and view assignments.

    Image 3

    1. Click on an assignment to view an assignment description. This is viewed in a pop up box.
    2. Code shapes are collected, late and missing. The symbols will be in the ‘Codes’ column.
    3. If there is a double hyphen, click on it to view assignment comments made by the teacher. This is viewed in a pop up box.
    4. Scores such as 3P, 2P, etc. in the ‘Score’ column are PRACTICE scores, or ‘FORMATIVE’ scores. The GRD column is always blank.
    5. Final standard scores, or ‘SUMMATIVE’ scores, that count towards the report card, are found by clicking on the STANDARDS GRADES PAGE.

    STANDARDS GRADES PAGE.  The GRD column is always blank.

    The Standards grades page is where you can view your student’s current standards grades.

    Click on the small arrow to the left of a class and it will open up, showing the standards.

    If you click on the score number, a pop up box will reveal the assignments that are linked to that standard. 

    Image 4

    To add a student to an existing account:

    Click on SYSTEM PREFERENCES in the left column, then click on student-add. You will need the student number and password from the letter that you received from school.