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  • Welcome to the Teaching, Learning & Innovation Webpage.  Here you will find links to information regarding the curriculum that is taught in CCSD93 and the instruction that goes on in CCSD93.  Curriculum refers to what is taught to students.  

    CCSD 93 has the following areas of study:  

    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Music (general and instrumental)
    • Physical Education
    • Related Arts (6-8)
    • Science
    • Social Science
    • Visual Arts
    • World Languages

    Instruction refers to how the curriculum is taught.  Teachers use best practices in their content areas to address a wide range of learning styles in their classrooms. Differentiation and other instructional strategies ensure each student has the potential to grow to mastery.

    Personalized Learning in District 93 

    Educators use interactive texts, videos, animations, and other features in digital instructional programs to provide more dynamic, personalized lessons with assessment tools that determine in real-time each student’s level of performance to help teachers quickly identify academic strengths and weaknesses.

    The Teaching, Learning & Innovation Department is committed to providing all stakeholders with important information and helpful resources to ensure the success of our students.  You will find under the content section of the page:

    • Assessment information
    • Standards
    • ELL/Bilingual Program information
    • Parent Links
    • Professional Development (staff must be logged in to view this page)
    • Standards Based Reporting 

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