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    The health services department in CCSD93 consists of one certified school nurse who manages the school health program and health offices.  There is a registered nurse in each building. The registered nurses oversee the day-to-day care of the students.

    The Illinois Department of Public Health provides information on communicable diseases, current health trends, and medical alerts. 

    Mission Statement


    The health services office strives to maximize student learning and health through the use of a coordinated school health program which encompasses health education, physical education, school health services, nutrition services, counseling, psychological and social services, healthy school environment, health promotion for staff, and family and community involvement

    DuPage County Health Department COVID-19 Update - March 11, 2020

    Parents Strongly Encouraged to Keep Immunization and Well-Child Doctor Visits During Pandemic

    CCSD93 2020-21 Immunization Data

Health Services Staff

  • District Nurse:

    Susan Kimak ILPEL-CSN
    Certified Nurse
    Fax: 630-539-3418

    Pam Camposeo
    Certified Nurse
    Phone: 630-539-3167

    School Nurses:

    Carol Stream School
    Patricia Harmet
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-588-5409
    Fax: 630-539-3411

    Cloverdale School
    Danielle Morrical
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-588-5309
    Fax: 630-539-3417

    Early Childhood Center
    Teresa Mallars
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-307-3759
    Fax: 630-539-3410

    Elsie Johnson School
    Jennifer Mastin
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-671-8809
    Fax: 630-539-3414

    Heritage Lakes School
    Alejandra Chipres
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-588-6209
    Fax: 630-539-3419

    Jay Stream Middle School

    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-588-5209
    Fax: 630-539-3415

    Roy DeShane School
    Martha Arroyo
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-588-6309
    Fax: 630-539-3412

    Stratford Middle School
    Pam Gibbons
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-671-4309
    Fax: 630-539-3416

    Western Trails School
    Katherine Durante
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: 630-588-6409
    Fax: 630-539-3413