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Paid Meal Program Info

  • Dear CCSD93 Families,

    This school year, CCSD93’s daily paid meal program will return, and families will be able to purchase breakfasts and lunches for kindergarten through 8th grade students, including a hot meal option for lunch. Students in grades kindergarten through 8 are encouraged to eat lunch at school. Lunches may be brought from home or purchased at school. 

    The district contracts with OrganicLife, LLC. to provide its breakfast and lunch services. A complete lunch is value-priced at $3.20 per day and includes milk. A typical lunch will include a protein entrée, fruit and/or vegetable, or two fruits and two vegetables, two to three grains, an occasional treat, and milk. Milk can also be purchased separately for $.50. For middle school students (grades 6-8), additional items are available at lunch daily and are listed on a monthly menu along with daily specials. All menu items may also be purchased a la carte. Beverages and snack items are available daily. 

    Additionally, all District 93 elementary and middle schools offer a breakfast program option 15-20 minutes before the start of the school day. A complete breakfast for all grade levels is value-priced at $1.25 per day. A typical breakfast consists of grains, fruit or juice, and milk.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to make deposits to their child’s account for breakfast and lunch through the MySchoolBucks link, which can always be found on the district’s website in the Online Payments page under Parents as well as in CCSD93’s app. This system allows you to access, view, check and manage your child’s meal account via the internet. Cash payments and deposits may also be made by middle school students (6-8) at the service line during the breakfast time or lunch period. Elementary students (grades K-5) may also bring cash or checks payable to CCSD93 in an envelope labeled “Breakfast” or “Hot Lunch” with the student’s name, teacher’s name and grade. If a student orders a meal but has a negative lunch balance, they may be provided a cheese sandwich.

    Children from households that meet federal guidelines are eligible for free or reduced-price meal services for both breakfast and lunch. To learn more and apply for free or reduced-price meals, please visit this website as soon as possible.

    We’re pleased to partner with you this school year. 


    John Benedetti
    Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Food Service Information

  • Community Consolidated School District 93 is excited to provide parents a convenient, easy, and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into their children's school meal account at any time.  This service also provides parents the ability to view their children's account balance through a website called  

    MySchoolBucks -

    MySchoolBucks is used for:
    • Making Meal Payments
    • Viewing Meal Purchases
    • Checking Meal Account Balances

    Food Pricing

    CCSD93 School Lunch Prices

    • Student Lunch w/Milk                 $3.20
    • Adult Lunch                               $3.20
    • Milk                                          $0.50  

    CCSD93 Breakfast w/Milk         $1.25

    Electronic Application For The National School Lunch Program (Opening July 1)

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