• The Buildings and Grounds Department is comprised of: 9 Head Custodians, 7 Mid-Shift Custodians, 17 Night-Shift Custodians, 2 Part-Time Custodians, 1 Day Floater Custodian, 1 Night Floater Custodian, 3 Grounds Staff, 4 Maintenance Staff, 1 Mail/Utility Person, 1 Warehouse/Utility Person, 1 Warehouse Shop Keeper, 1 Secretary and 1 Director.

    • Head Custodians primarily work closely with the principal and staff to keep the school day functions operational.  They also lead and direct the custodial staff in the basics of day to day operations.

    • Mid-shift Custodians assist the Head Custodians with the lunch set up and support.  As the school day ends, they also clean a four hour shift of about 9,000 square feet.

    • Night shift Custodians reset the facility at the end of each day so it is ready for the next scheduled use.  They assist with evening functions and outside group activity access as they clean their 20,000 square foot assignments.

    • Part time Custodians are assigned a four hour, 9,000 square foot area of cleaning responsibility.  This enables us to correctly balance the load in specific buildings.  All Custodians assist with more in depth cleaning at the holiday break times, snow removal when needed and many other tasks.

    • The Grounds Crew maintains the turf areas at all ten locations by mowing, repairing, planting, fertilizing and weed control.  Some of the other jobs include maintenance of play equipment, snow plowing, maintenance of various vehicles and equipment, vandalism repair and filling in for absent custodians when required.

    • Our Maintenance employees divide our ten facilities into groups of two buildings each and share the responsibilities for the two district office facilities.  Their primary responsibilities are to maintain and repair all building systems in a ready/safe/comfortable status at all times.  Additional maintenance tasks include snow plowing, servicing of vehicles and building equipment, assisting with moving of equipment, fill in for absent Head Custodians when needed and following through on work orders.

    • The Warehouse and Mail/Utility people team up to ensure deliveries are received, sorted and delivered in a timely fashion district wide.  It is also their responsibility to maintain the order and cleanliness of the warehouse in general.  Custodial supplies are tested, ordered, stocked and delivered as needed on a monthly schedule.  They receive and process requests for moving of tables, chairs, stages, etc. for programs throughout the district.  Snow plowing, minor vehicle maintenance and repair of custodial equipment are additional tasks handled by these three employees.

Buildings and Grounds Staff

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