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    In continued partnership with our transportation provider, First Student, CCSD93 has launched FirstView™, a bus tracking and transportation communications app for your smartphone or desktop! 

    Important Information:

    • Moving forward (10/4/21), CCSD93 will not send emails and text messages when busses are delayed. The FirstView app provides much more accurate timing than CCSD93’s direct communications can. Please use the app to check on your child’s bus timing. Please also note:
      • If your child’s bus has not yet arrived at the school for afternoon departure, the estimated time of arrival (clock icon) at your child's bus stop will show its standard time, but if you expand the map, you will see the bus en route to the school. Once the bus eventually departs from the school, the app will update your child’s estimated time of arrival at the bus stop.
      • Sometimes circumstances arise where an individual bus is temporarily not equipped with the FirstView GPS system. In these instances, the bus will not appear on the app. If this is the case and the bus is delayed in the afternoon, parents will be notified of delayed bus timing via email and text message.
    • There are new credentials for adding each student for this year, so if you had added students to your account during a previous school year, you will need to do so again following the steps below.

    The FirstView™ App Provides:

    • Live Tracking - The FirstView™ map screen shows you the live location and direction of your student’s bus, your student's stop schedule for the current day and timestamps for school arrivals and departures!
    • Predictive Stop Arrival Times - Analyzing route and real-time GPS data, we determine an estimated time of arrival to your stop provided on the FirstView™ map!
    • Custom Alerts & Messages -  You can set up the app to be notified when your child’s bus is a chosen distance from your stop!
    • Additional User Notifications - Connect up to three additional email accounts to receive email alerts. This is a great feature for grandparents or caregivers!
    • Multi-Stop View - Buses for all your students can be tracked with FirstView™. Using individual colors for each student, every selected stop appears on the map simultaneously for easy viewing.
    • Secure & Easy Access - FirstView™ requires a password-protected account along with your student’s ID number and a system generated pin code for app set-up. This way, only you can view your student’s stop!

    Get Started!

    1. Download the app for free by searching “FirstView” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, or use the desktop version here. Or you can click here for Apple or click here for Google.
    2. Open the app (or the desktop site) and select Yes to receive push notifications.
    3. Select “Illinois” for state, select “CCSD93” for district.
    4. Select “Register” and fill out your information on the registration screen, including creating a password for yourself.
    5. Check your email for a message from First Student, and click the link there to confirm your account.
    6. Review and scroll through the message there, and select “Tap Here to Add a New Student”.
    7. Again enter the state and district information from Step 5 above.
    8. For Student ID, enter your student's ID number
    9. For Security Code, enter the Security Code provided via email and click “Done”!
    10. Begin using the app!
    11. If you have additional students who ride buses with CCSD93, you should have received another email at the same time as this one with their information. To add them, select the navigation icon in the upper left corner of the app, then select “Profile,” and “Add another student.” From there, repeat steps 6-10 with their information to add each additional student.

    Do you Have Multiple Students Who Ride Buses with CCSD93?

    You should receive information for each student with their login credentials. To add them, select the navigation icon in the upper left corner of the app, then select “Profile,” and “Add a Student I.D.” From there, repeat steps 6-10 above with their information to add each additional student.

    Encountering Issues with the App?

    Please note, CCSD93 is the first district in DuPage County to pilot this app, so we expect a few hiccups in its functionality along the way. We welcome your feedback so we can create an even better product for parents. If you come across an issue, please either fill out this form online or call Lynn at 630-539-3290. You can also select the circle with the (!) inside it on the screen within the app and submit any feedback for support. This will help CCSD93 and the FirstView app team iron out any issues.

    Additional Notes:

    • On Mondays, Predictive Stop Arrival Times currently will be defaulted to the Tuesday-Friday dropoff schedule times until further notice. Once the bus is within 10 minutes of student dropoff, it will begin to show an accurate estimated time of arrival on Mondays.
    • To add Custom Alerts & Messages, select the navigation icon in the upper left corner of the app, select Profile, select the name of the student, and then select either Distance Reminder or Time Notification for both the morning and the afternoon.
    • To add up to three email notification recipients, select the navigation icon in the upper left, select settings, select notification recipients, and then type in name and email address.
    • The app updates automatically every 15-30 seconds. 
    • For additional frequently asked questions, select the navigation icon in the upper left, select Help, and select F.A.Q.