Student Intra-District Transfer Requests

  • Student Intra-District Transfer Request Procedure 

    Neighborhood School Concept

    CCSD93 adheres to the neighborhood school concept; a student’s residence determines the school a student will attend. This model provides continuity for students’ cognitive, social, and emotional learning while promoting balanced enrollment and efficient use of facilities. The school district recognizes, however, that extenuating circumstances may exist that may preclude a student from attending their neighborhood school. In these circumstances, the student’s family may request a Student Intra-District Transfer. All families requesting a Student Intra-District Transfer request must follow appropriate procedures and adhere to the stated Student Intra-District Transfer request guidelines as described below. 

    What is a Student Intra-District Transfer?

    Board Policy 705.1 stipulates that students residing with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) living in a school attendance area shall attend that school. A Student Intra-District Transfer request is special approval for a student to enroll at a school outside of the student’s designated attendance area. Student Intra-District Transfer requests are not required for attendance in programs of choice, such as Dual Language or Magnet. 

    For what reasons can a Student Intra-District Transfer be requested?

    Each Student Intra-District Transfer request is evaluated for approval on an individual basis. The following are the most common reasons for approval:

    1. Hardship circumstances of an unusual and adverse nature which preclude that student’s enrollment in his/her home school
    2. Family move
    3. Special education program
    4. Request from outside agency
    5. Administrative placement

    Examples that do not generally constitute an acceptable educational reason for a Student Intra-District Transfer request:

    1. Availability or location of day care provider
    2. Student’s interest in attending school with friends or teammates
    3. Student has a sibling enrolled in a program of choice - educational opportunity

    How can I apply for a Student Intra-District Transfer?

    A completed Student Intra-District Transfer Request Form must be submitted and received by the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services by April 1 for the following school year. Student Intra-District Transfer Request Forms can be obtained in your child’s school office, at CCSD93’s District Office, or here online.

    What is the review process for the Student Intra-District Transfer request?

    The Student Services Department will review each request and evaluate its feasibility based on a number of factors, including:

    1. School enrollment
    2. Class size
    3. School staffing
    4. Impact on supporting services, such as special education
    5. Unique medical/physical/psychological needs of the student

    If the request meets the guidelines and no restrictions apply, the Student Intra-District Transfer request is generally approved. A final decision will not be made until two weeks prior to the start of the school year. 

    Are there special conditions for students who are granted a Student Intra-District Transfer request?

    The following conditions are imposed when a student attends a school on a Student Intra-District Transfer request:

    1. Approval is granted for one school year only. Requests must be submitted annually. 
    2. Parents are responsible for all transportation to and from the school.
    3. Satisfactory attendance must be maintained.
    4. Other special conditions may be determined by the Student Services Department in unique cases.

    Can a Student Intra-District Transfer request be rescinded?

    A Student Intra-District Transfer request can be rescinded when:

    1. The stated reason for the Student Intra-District Transfer is no longer valid.
    2. False information was given at the time of the Student Intra-District Transfer request.
    3. The child demonstrates a pattern of unexcused tardiness or absences.

    Can I appeal a Student Intra-District Transfer request that has been denied?

    If your request for a student intra-district transfer has been denied, you may appeal the decision. Appeals should be addressed in writing to the Superintendent of Schools within 10 business days following notification of denial or termination of a Student Intra-District Transfer. 

CCSD93 Student Intra-District Transfer Request Form