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Proposed Boundary Updates for 2024-25

  • Throughout the past decade, CCSD93 has experienced changes in enrollment that have created notable disparities between many of our schools in terms of the number of students attending compared to maximum capacity. This has resulted in inequities, especially in relation to unoccupied classrooms and student access to specialists among our schools. 

    In order to explore addressing these concerns, CCSD93 convened a Superintendent’s Boundary Committee to analyze data related to enrollment and school boundaries with the ultimate goal of ensuring that CCSD93 is most equitably serving the students and families of our community. The committee was designed to incorporate the perspectives of a variety of key stakeholders throughout this process. Two parents from each CCSD93 elementary and middle school were selected by their school’s PTA Presidents to serve as members, and they were joined by teachers, support staff, administrators and CCSD93 Board of Education members.

    Between September and December of 2023, the committee’s members met on six separate occasions to establish agreed-upon assumptions to guide their work, review data on forecasted enrollment and demographic trends, analyze scenarios and ultimately achieve consensus on proposed boundary updates.

    Based on the committee’s work, the following updates to CCSD93’s boundaries are being proposed for the 2024-25 school year:

    • Area 1 - Homes located within the area west of Kuhn Road, north of Lies Road, east of County Farm Road and south of Army Trail Road would transition from Cloverdale to Heritage Lakes.

    • Area 2 - Apartment complex at the southeast corner of Lies Road and Kuhn Road would transition from Cloverdale to Western Trails.

    The areas are highlighted in blue within this full map of CCSD93’s boundaries:

    Full Map

    For a closer look, the impacted areas are shown here, color coded with their new school’s boundaries:

    Map Close

Important Information for Potentially Impacted Families

  • If the proposed boundary updates are approved, it raises a number of questions for families who live within the impacted area. The following information addresses the district’s plan for various scenarios that arise as a result.   

    • Current Cloverdale students in traditional monolingual classrooms in the impacted area, including current 5th graders, would attend middle school at Jay Stream, which would align with school boundaries beginning in 2024-25.

    • Current Cloverdale students who would transition to Heritage Lakes or to Jay Stream would receive bussing from the district. 
    • Current 6th and 7th grade students would remain at Stratford Middle School. Current 5th grade siblings of current 6th and 7th grade students would have the opportunity to attend Stratford Middle School as well, however the parent would be responsible for providing transportation after the older sibling graduates from Stratford. 

    • Current 4th grade students would have the option to remain at Cloverdale, provided families transport students to and from school. Siblings of current 4th grade students who are also currently enrolled at the school would have the option to remain at Cloverdale, provided families transport students to and from school. 

    • Students currently enrolled in the Dual Language program at Cloverdale will remain at Cloverdale, and would attend Stratford Middle School if they remain in the program as it is held there on a middle school level.

Timeline of Events

  • It is critical to note that these proposed updates have not yet been adopted. The graphic below indicates the timeline of events for the boundary update process, with check marks indicating what has occurred to this point. The following is the timeline from here until potential implementation.

    • February 20 - Community Information Session - All members of the community will be invited to visit Cloverdale at 6:30 learn more about the committee’s work, the proposal and ask questions. The presentation will be similar to the information provided to the Board on January 25, and it will also be live streamed online at Email and text message invitations will be shared with our community closer to the event.

    • March 7 - Board of Education Vote - The Board of Education will vote on the approval of the proposed boundary updates for 2024-25 at the Board of Education meeting at 7:00 p.m. at CCSD93’s District Office.

    • Spring/Summer 2024 - New School Welcome Nights - If the proposed boundary updates are approved, CCSD93 would prioritize providing opportunities to make impacted families feel welcome at their new schools. Those impacted would be invited to visit their new 2024-25 schools to meet school administrators, tour the building.

    • 2024-25 School Year - Implementation - If approved by the Board of Education, CCSD93 would implement the boundary updates.

    • Ongoing - Review & Evaluation of CCSD93 Enrollment - While the district is hopeful that this recommendation would resolve future enrollment and equity of access issues, it will continue to review and evaluate enrollment across all eight elementary and middle schools to ensure equitable access to district facilities and resources for all students throughout our community.

    2-20-24CCSD93 Boundary Update Timeline.png

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