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  • Thank you for considering CCSD93! We are always looking for qualified individuals to serve as substitute teachers.  

    Substitute Licensure Requirements

    You are required to have at least one of the following:

    • Professional Educator License (PEL)
    • Substitute Teaching License (SUB)
    • Short Term Substitute License (STS)

    To learn how to obtain a substitute teaching license in DuPage County click here.

    We invite you to begin the District 93 application process if you have obtained or are in the process of obtaining the needed license.

    CCSD93 Online Application link

    Since you are interested in substituting in CCSD 93, please indicate this on your application (page 4) and you will be called for an interview.  

    When completing the online application, please apply for only those positions for which you are licensed and/or qualified. Licensure and qualifications are indicated next to the positions in the application. 

    Your application will be retained in active status for one school year. To keep your application in active status, please update it at least once a year.

    Please contact Human Resources with any questions by phone at 630-539-3230.



    What are the pay rates for a substitute teacher at CCSD93?

    • $150.00 per day for the first 35 days in one school year

    • $160.00 per day for 36 plus days in one school year

    • Long-term assignments in a licensed teacher role following 20 consecutive days to earn 1/180th of the BA Step 1 of pay as a daily rate 

    Do new substitutes receive any training prior to accepting assignments?

    All substitutes are required to attend a yearly substitute in-service training session.  New substitutes attend a 4-hour in-service session prior to becoming active in the substitute system.  Returning substitutes will be asked to update their applications and attend a 2 hour in-service session each year.

    How and when will I know about available sub assignments/vacancies?

    CCSD93 uses the Frontline Absence Management automated substitute calling system. Substitute teachers can sign up to receive an alert when a vacancy is posted or they can check available vacancies when they are available.  Some vacancies are posted well in advance, and others become available as a same day position each morning.  Training on this system is done for new substitutes during the 4-hour in-service.

    Is there a minimum number of days I need to work to remain on the substitute list?

    There are no specific requirements regarding a minimum number of days worked. Substitutes who rarely accept positions will be notified annually to confirm their interest in remaining on our list.  

    Is there a maximum number of days I’m allowed to work as a substitute teacher in CCSD93?

    The state of IL has established parameters for certain individuals.  Retired teachers are able to work up to 120 days in a given school year.  Substitute teachers with an STS license cannot remain in the same position for the same teacher for longer than 15 consecutive days.  Those with a SUB license can work a maximum of 90 consecutive days in the same position.

    Can I choose which school I’d like to substitute for?

    Substitutes choose which assignments to accept.  We encourage substitute teachers to work in a variety of buildings and settings. However, they are ultimately able to decide if they would like to accept available assignments.