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  • In accordance with the requirements of the state of Illinois, District 93 provides programs designed to meet the needs of students whose native language is other than English. The purpose of our programs is to accelerate English language literacy while valuing the social and cultural knowledge that a child brings to school. 

    District 93 is committed to providing high quality English Learners (EL) program that validates a student's native language and culture to ensure linguistic, academic, and social-cultural success in a diverse society. 

    We believe that in order to produce world-class learners, it is essential to provide a program of instruction based upon the most effective practices that are grounded in research. CCSD93 The staff participate in appropriate staff development in order that they can receive the best possible instruction. The staff promote understanding of and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity by students, staff, and community.

    The Illinois School Code requires that one of two types of programs be provided for all K-12 Limited English Proficient (LEP) students to help them become proficient in English so that they can transition into the mainstream education curriculum. The District 93 EL Program currently services approximately 600 students who speak 25 different home languages. 

    Goals of the EL Program include:

    • EL students will receive instruction in receptive and expressive English language development beginning with their initial enrollment in the district and as determined by language proficiency assessments.

    • Content area instruction will be provided in the student's native language for the understanding of concepts to the extent possible.

    • Instruction for all EL students will parallel the appropriate grade level curriculum and will align to the Illinois Learning Standards.

    Please contact me by email or phone if you have questions about our program,

    Director of English Language Services

    Mireya Sanchez


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