CCSD93 & National Inventors Hall of Fame Innovation Summer Camp

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    Campamento de Aprendizaje Innovación de Verano.


    Innovation Camp

    What is STEM?

    STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Embracing the STEM subjects is essential for students to be able to build the skills that will serve as their tool set for the future. We believe powerful critical thinking and exploration practice commonly used in effective STEM classrooms should allow students to:

    • Ask deep real-world questions
    • Collaborate with their peers
    • Arrive at meaningful conclusions
    • Explore STEM careers

    What will my child do in the Innovation Summer Camp?

    During the weeklong Innovation Summer Camp, CCSD93 educators will work together to ignite students’ curiosity and get them excited about Innovation in their everyday lives. The Innovation Summer Camp will help kids to achieve today and propel them toward success in college, careers, and citizenship.  For more information on CCSD93's Innovation Summer Camp, please click the link above.