2018-19 Satisfaction Survey Data

  • Each year, CCSD93 gives a Satisfaction Survey to parents, students, and staff members. The survey instrument was developed with a national polling organization and has been given annually or biennially (depending on the year) since 1997.  The resulting data is examined in terms of the district as a whole and is broken down to the school level for each building. This information helps CCSD93 and its schools to understand what is working well and to better target where to focus efforts for improvement. This enables CCSD93 and its school to continuously improve so that we provide the very best education to the children of our community. 

    We’ve developed a Quick Glance view of the data for our community to easily take it in. See below for icons of scores from the different major categories of satisfaction for CCSD93’s parents, students, and staff members. There are many questions asked for each survey, but shown below are the satisfaction ratings for the key questions that are tracked year to year by CCSD93 and its schools. Respondents were asked to rate that area of their school on a 0-10 scale, with 10 being the highest. This was determined by assigning points to each answer given and averaging them together. 

    parent 2019

    Elem 2019

    Middle 2019

    Staff 2019