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  • What are ECC Summer Fun Days?

    ECC Summer Fun Days are hosted by Community Consolidated School District 93 and

    ● are open to ALL residents within the CCSD93 boundaries that have a child 5 years old or younger,

    ● are designed for preschool-age children,

    ● include access to the sandbox, water table, playground equipment and activities in the air-conditioned multi-purpose room, and

    ● offer easy, fun summer activities that can be done with young children here or at home.

    Children do not have to attend the CCSD93 ECC to attend ECC Summer Fun Days. Please join us!

    Ecc Summer Fun Day


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    Community Consolidated School District 93 partners with many local organizations that specialize in providing care and services for our community’s families with children age birth to 5.

    Together we’re called the Birth to 5 Community Coalition.

    The CCSD93 Birth to 5 Community Coalition offers free summer events to ALL families with children 5 years old and younger that live within the CCSD93 boundaries.

    Come join us!



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  • https://www.facebook.com/BirthTo5/