D93 Kids Foundation

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    Supporting CCSD93’s students to maximize their potential. 

    Providing CCSD93 students who have the most significant needs with: 

    • School supplies

    • Winter coats

    • Resources when unexpected personal emergencies arise like housefires or immediate mental health service needs

    Ways to donate:

    • Visit www.ccsd93.com/donate any time!

    • Staff members can sign up for an automatic payroll deduction!
      • You can choose to donate any amount per paycheck from as little as $1
      • Free D93 Kids Foundation t-shirt for signing up for $5 per paycheck
      • Free D93 Kids Foundation quarter-zip pullover and t-shirt for signing up for $10+ per paycheck 

    • Attend the D93 Kids Foundation Trivia Night Fundraiser in the fall!


    Are D93 Kids Foundation donations tax deductible?

    Yes! In order to achieve tax-exempt status the D93 Kids Foundation technically operates as a committee of the Partnership for Educational Progress (PEP) Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created for Glenbard District 87 and its feeders. 

    Donations made to the D93 Kids Foundation will be used exclusively for CCSD93 students and are tax deductible. You will receive an emailed donation receipt for each individual contribution made through the donation link and an end-of-year donation receipt for any automatic payroll deduction. Find out more about the PEP Foundation at https://www.pepglenbard.org/

    Does 100% of my donation go directly to students?

    Not quite. PEP assesses a 5% management fee for all donations, which covers administrative duties and helps the D93 Kids Foundation maintain its tax-exempt status.

    Additionally, donations made through the online portal at www.ccsd93.com/donate are assessed the following fees, which are set by the donation website platform (MYPAY): 

    • Donations of $0.01 to $14.00 - $1.00 fee per transaction 

    • Donations of $15.00 to $49.99 donation - $1.95 fee per transaction

    • Donations of $50.00+ - 3.99% of transaction.

    Does this replace Coats for Kids?

    Yes. The efforts of Coats for Kids to provide warm winter apparel for CCSD93’s students will be encompassed within the work of the D93 Kids Foundation.

    How does the D93 Kids Foundation choose which students to support?

    Students who receive free or reduced priced meals from CCSD93 are eligible for resources from the D93 Kids Foundation. Resources will be provided as follows:

    • School Supplies: Members of the D93 Kids Foundation Committee will review finances and vote on the allocation of funds for school supplies by school, working with elementary school principals and PTAs to provide school supply boxes for elementary students with most need and with middle school principals to provide supply closet resources for middle schools students with most need.  

    • Coats/Clothing: Requests for coats and other clothing will be processed through the structures in place for CCSD93’s Coats for Kids program. Members of the D93 Kids Foundation Committee will review finances and vote on the allocation of funds for clothing purchases for the season.

    • Unexpected Emergencies: Members of the D93 Kids Foundation Committee and CCSD93 administrators may make a formal request for resources to support students who encounter specific emergencies, like housefires or immediate mental health services that may otherwise. Committee members will review finances and vote on the allocation of funds.

    Who are the members of the D93 Kids Foundation Committee?

    • Sonal Amin: Former CCSD93 Board Member
    • John Benedetti: Assistant Superintendent for Business Services - DO
    • Sonia Chairez: School Secretary - Carol Stream
    • Sabrina Connelly: Social Worker - Jay Stream
    • Linda Court: School Secretary - Carol Stream
    • Dr. David Hill: Superintendent of Schools - DO
    • Katie Harper: Assistant Principal - Western Trails
    • Ryan McPherrin: Director for Communications - DO
    • Chris Pietroski: Principal - Jay Stream
    • Nicole Thorsen: 8th Grade ELA Teacher - Stratford
    • Rachel Thorson: Resource Teacher - Elsie Johnson
    • Julie Tobin: Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources - District Office
    • Sandra Velasco: Dual Language Teacher - Elsie Johnson
    • Bob Wroblewski: Assistant Principal - Cloverdale

    How can I get involved?

    We’d love staff representation from every CCSD93 school on the D93 Kids Foundation Committee. If you’re interested in joining, please email Ryan McPherrin at mcpherr@ccsd93.com. At this time, this is a staff-only committee. 

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