DuPage Assault Prevention Programs Home

    AWARE is presented for the 8th graders and covers sexually transmitted infections, teen pregnancy, sexual violence, and healthy decision making.  The only part that the YWCA presents is the sexual violence piece.

    Child Assault Prevention Program (CAP) (Grades K - 6)

    CAP covers the following topics:   bullying, bystanders, stranger abduction prevention, internet safety (4th & 6th grades only) and sexual abuse prevention.  Safe Choices is an extended CAP program.  The objectives of CAP have been broken down into smaller pieces and made even more interactive for the students with disabilities.  CAP for students with disabilities is conducted during 18 sessions that are each a half hour long.  Some of the topics are:
    •   safe adults  - covered in CAP
    •   saying no - covered in CAP
    •   telling - covered in CAP
    •   safe vs unsafe touching - covered in CAP
    •   good and bad secrets - covered in CAP
    •   threats   - covered in CAP
    •   gender identification - not covered in CAP
    •   identification of body parts/private parts - not covered in CAP

    Teens Taking Charge (TTC)
    The Teens Taking Charge program is presented to 7th graders and covers good and bad relationships, different types of force and the definition of consent, defining different types of abuse and assault, victim blaming, cyberbullying, sexual harassment and sexting.  The YWCA provides resources and discusses safe adults students could talk to.