Individual Education Plans

  • Each child with a disability that impacts his/her education has a written document called an Individualized Education Plan or IEP.  The IEP developed for each student describes their educational program, in accordance with IDEA.  An IEP contains a student’s educational needs which prompt the writing of measurable goals and objectives that delegate the student’s appropriate program placement.  Also included in an IEP, are necessary related services like social work, occupational therapy, adaptive physical education and other itinerant services.

    An IEP should contain information about the following:

    • Present levels of academic performance and progress 
    • Goals and objectives that are obtainable and measurable 
    • Related services 
    • Explanation of non-participation in general education curriculum, if applicable
    • Student’s participation in statewide and district local assessments 
    • Location and duration of the academic day spent in special education 
    • Transportation services 
    • Extended school year
    • Transition services (for students 14 ½  and older)

    Community Consolidated School District 93 has a Special Services Team (SST) at each school. The Special Services Team is a group of professionals from each building who meet on a routine basis to discuss academic and social emotional concerns raised about an individual child. The SST works to determine appropriate interventions, modifications, and/or adaptations to be implemented in the classroom by the appropriate personnel.  Parents seeking specialized education support should reach out to their SST Chair (Assistant Principal) who will assist in beginning the process.