Equity & Excellence

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    CCSD93 is devoted to ensuring students are healthy, engaged, challenged, safe, and socially and emotionally supported. In 2018 the district initiated an Equity and Excellence Committee composed of staff members, administrators, parents and Board of Education members to accomplish this. The Committee has been charged with removing bias and increasing diversity and cultural sensitivity to create more equitable experiences throughout the district so all of our students and families have greater opportunities to know they are an equally vital part of the CCSD93 community.  The Committee is composed of subcommittees, which are listed below, along with their goals. 
    • Systemic - To ensure a systemic and continuous development toward advancing equity within all policies, processes, procedures, initiatives, decision-making and fiscal responsibilities.
    • Curriculum & Instruction - To intentionally embed equity-driven pedagogy in the curriculum, resources, instructional approaches, use and consideration of assessments and academic programming for the purpose of advancing equity among all students.
    • Employment & Retainment - To provide a continuum of professional learning and growth opportunities for all staff in pursuit of fully understanding and embracing educational equity.
    • Student Voice Climate & Culture - To consistently seek students’ feedback and experiences, and nurture a positive, authentic and meaningful organizational culture and climate.
    • Family & Community - To partner with families and the community for authentic opportunities to serve the students, the school and the school district.
    Starting in the summer of 2020, CCSD93 added an essential component to the Committee: the voice of parents through the advent of our Equity & Excellence Parent Advisory Committee.  This has helped to provide terrific insight to our Equity & Excellence Committee, with suggestions from parents being directly integrated into the work of subcommittees and acted upon by the District. The following are examples of those suggestions.
    • Review curriculum for equity, including representations in history, civics and Innovation Center books
    • Empower students to have a voice and be heard
    • Increase awareness of unconscious biases
    • Train staff on equity
    • Partner more visibly with our local police departments
    • Empower students to take charge if they see something unjust
    • Review how clubs are developed and organized
    • Ensure equal access to technology
    The work of the Equity & Excellence Committee and its Parent Advisory Committee continue to be ongoing. For more information about the Committee or to join the Parent Advisory Committee, please contact CCSD93's Student Services department at 630-893-9393.