CCSD93 Instructional Coaches Guide Innovative Teaching & Learning

  • Many of our parents and community members may not know that every CCSD93 elementary and middle school has a full-time Instructional Coach who helps teachers learn and employ effective teaching strategies and tools. They're licensed teachers who are devoted to collaborating with and supporting the rest of the school's educators to continuously improve and provide the best teaching and learning opportunities to CCSD93 students.

    Whether advising on a short- or long-term project, providing feedback and a fresh perspective on a lesson, helping to collect and analyze student data, or offering practical advice on teaching strategies, their partnership and guidance helps our teachers feel more confident in trying new methods. The Instructional Coaches' presence has contributed greatly to creating an atmosphere in CCSD93 where innovative teaching has become the rule, rather than the exception.

    To find out even more about our Instructional Coaches and their impact on learning in CCSD93, watch the video below.