CCSD93 Explorers Week

  • In 2017, while studying Christopher Columbus, Mrs. Helen Verdun's 7th grade class at Stratford Middle School sought to have a greater emphasis on all explorers, eventually preparing persuasive arguments to propose to CCSD93's Board of Education that the week of Columbus Day should celebrate explorers of all kinds more broadly. As a result, the Board adopted Explorers Week, which has become a crucial mainstay on CCSD93's calendar in October.

    October 14-18 was Explorers Week 2019, and students from all grade levels at all CCSD93 schools participated in hands-on lessons where they either learn about history's greatest explorers, evaluating who they thought should be honored for exploration across a wide variety of fields, or took on critical exploration themselves. The week has become a time when students are especially encouraged to embrace curiosity and cross new boundaries themselves. 
    Prime examples from 2019 include 4th grade students at Cloverdale Elementary School who virtually explored China and learned how to write words and phrases in Mandarin and students across all grade levels at Western Trails Elementary School who explored the world of computer programming, pushing themselves to learn the critical language of coding through stations in the school's Innovation Center. Meanwhile, young students at Elsie Johnson School explored the world around them, cataloguing their neighborhood with self-taken tablet and drone footage. To find out more about Explorers Week view the video below.